How to style a lace bodysuit

How to style a lace bodysuit?

The lace bodysuit is undoubtedly one of the sexiest feminine garments. It is a timeless and comfortable garment at the same time. This type of leotard fits perfectly under clothes. It shapes and enhances the forms. Moreover, it allows you to show off a sensual and daring look that never hurts at the right time. Some time ago, the leotard was an exclusively intimate garment.

How to style a lace bodysuit?

Currently, the lace body is worn as a fundamental element of the outfit. It is used to replace tops, blouses, sweaters and shirts. By reading this tutorial, you can have some valuable tips and correct indications on combining a lace body.

How to style a lace bodysuit


This combination is all about contrast. It dampens the essentiality of the classic jacket-skirt or jacket-pants combination. The replacement of the classic blouse with a transparent lace body gives a see-through effect. This sophisticated and gritty combination is appropriate for having a romantic evening with a significant person. In this case, however, we must pay close attention to the colors. If the base color is black, you have to make some pretty showy combinations. Read more: Does ultrasonic cavitation work?


The lace bodysuit can also be combined with trousers if you want to get a pretty cool result. In this case, the trousers must be high-waisted. It can be in denim, palazzo, skinny or culotte. It is not the silhouette that matters but the height of the waist. In this way, even wearing a tight one does not have to place the body inside it. It remains exactly in its place. This item of clothing can be worn both in summer and in winter. During the winter period, a long-sleeved model is preferred. Alternatively, you can also wear a velvet leotard. Continue reading: How to make a yukata?


Lately, you see around the milled bodysuits in lace. They are very simple solid color tank top bodysuits. This type of leotard has an inscription on the breast that can be chosen and customized in many ways. It is perfect for adding a rock note to your outfit. It is ideal when combined with a leather skirt.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more romantic look, it is advisable to wear a neutral-colored skirt to a pink lace bodysuit. To complete the combination, choose a pair of pointy shoes with a casual bomber jacket. In this way, there is an alternation of very current styles.

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