Songs for Payday

There isn’t anyone on the planet who doesn’t look forward to payday! That wonderful moment when our bank balance looks great and the month ahead is full of promise and wild abandon. Until you remember all the bills you have to pay! Anyway, it’s still a good feeling and employers must notice an improved mood in the workplace when the last working day of the month comes around finally. Here are some songs to celebrate that payday feeling:

Just Got Paid – Sigala

This is a song all about the joy of going to the bank and taking out large wads of cash to go and blow it all! The lyrics hint at the fact that she’s not very responsible with money and anyone who can blow all their wages on the first weekend is clearly not great with saving money.

She Works Hard For The Money – Donna Summer

When you’ve worked hard all month, you deserve to treat yourself when the weekend after payday arrives. Whether you want to hit the shops, visit a restaurant or take a trip to the cinema – it’s nice to have some fun when you’ve earned it.

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Living For The Weekend – Hard Fi

Most of us do live for the weekend, where alarm clocks don’t need to be set and we can be our boss for 48 hours. However, for those running their own business, a weekend off might be a rare occurrence. Why spend that precious family time with your head in numbers? Hire a bookkeeper to take the pressure off, so you don’t waste weekends catching up with important financial paperwork. For Swindon Bookkeepers, visit Swindon bookkeepers Chippendale and Clark

Bills, Bills, Bills – Destiny’s Child

We can all relate to the frustration in this song in that we all have responsibilities and bills to pay before we can relax and have fun. Nothing is free in this world and so being sensible with cash is an important life lesson that many of us learn the hard way!

Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money) – Pet Shop Boys

Whether we work for an employer or run our own businesses, money makes the world go round and most people are ambitious enough to seek out more where they can. Of course, you could argue that money can’t buy love or happiness but it sure does give you options. Saving money will help any business, large or small, so consider the benefits of an accountant who will make sure your money is really working for you.

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Money – Pink Floyd

At the end of the day, it’s all about money. With it, you can do so many things and without it, you will struggle. This song is well-known for it’s sounds of a cash register and coins and it’s a timely reminder of the importance that money has in all our lives. If you want to better manage your finances, you should seriously consider the benefits of accountancy and bookkeeping services.

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