What to Look For in a Powered Wheelchair

When choosing a powered wheelchair, there are several important aspects to consider. A lightweight model is easy to fold, while a van or assisted transportation vehicle has more storage space for travelling with this kind of wheelchair. For details on WAV Vehicles, contact clarkemobility.com

Choose a model that will meet your mobility needs and your budget. This article will help you choose the right powered wheelchair for your needs. Listed below are some of the most important features to look for in a powered wheelchair.

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First, consider where you’ll be using your electric wheelchair. Most are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but some are specifically designed for one type of environment. If you need a wheelchair that can move on a slope, check for a power chair with a small turning circle. Also, check the width of the wheelchair. Wide seats are easier to use outdoors. Check out the turning circle, because it will make it easier to turn inside tight spaces which is a big consideration for using one inside your home.

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Weight capacity is another important factor to consider when choosing a powered wheelchair. A wheelchair that can carry a person up to 330 pounds may be overpowered or under-powered. This could lead to motor issues and battery drain. When purchasing a power wheelchair, make sure to check the weight capacity first. If a weight capacity is lower than the required range, it’s worth looking elsewhere. Make sure that the weight capacity of your wheelchair matches the weight of your body.


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