food truck festival nj

How can I get to the food truck festival nj?

Food truck festival nj is a part of food truck in nj. The aim of this event is to show the diversity of different food that are available in the market and thus promotes food tourism. Every summer, NJ comes alive with a vibrant food truck festival that celebrates the great outdoors. The Jersey Shore Food Truck Festival, in Seaside Heights, is one of the biggest food truck events in the world and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the country. This guide will help you navigate this event by listing all of the food trucks and vendors at this year’s event and highlighting several of the new trends you can expect to see at this year’s festival.

About the food truck festival nj

The Jersey Shore Food Truck Festival consists of three distinct food truck events. The first event is hosted in Seaside Heights, the second during July 4th weekend at Wildwood’s Boardwalk and third on September 29th through October 1st at New Hope’s Festhalle Museum.

food truck festival nj

Seaside Heights

The seaside boardwalk in seaside heights brings about 25 stalls offering traditional American fare including burgers to Mexican food trucks with local musicians known for their home-cooked American, authentic Italian and robust German fare. This event is completely free to the public during designated hours with a portion of proceeds benefiting local charities through donations collected by vendors. Seaside Heights opens its gates into what it refers as an outdoor street festival scene on monday, May 29th from 1pm until 9pm (yes this will be open in rain) at where there are no rules but common sense suggestions that include staying on the sidewalk, keep back from the road ensuring that you are not blocking pedestrian traffic and headphones should be removed for a enjoyable listening experience.

During the summer months this area features an eclectic mix of food trucks catering to popular Beach Bar promotions centered on bringing in high-quality music acts with local DJs spinning a variety of genres playing during event hours. Food trucks only sell during designated times at Seaside Heights starting last Friday through 8:30 pm thru week days from 11am until 9pm (a la carte). May 31st and June 28th Seafood Night is a popular event led by the Boardwalk County Food Truck Association with mouthwatering breakfast, lunch & dinner selections served to hungry families for $5 coupon that can be redeemed at any participating food truck. Finally during national football season in November this same area is utilized as an unofficial home of the ultimate Super Bowl viewing experience bringing high- profile artists to bring in fans from all around the country.

How can I get to the food truck festival nj?

The food truck festival nj is entirely free and open to the public, taking place right in front of Seaside Heights Marina. You can hike over or drive down Route 35 (known as the “Hurricane Deck”) into Seaside Heights and once you get there, follow your nose for a great time.


Food trucks are mobile restaurants that can be parked in various locations and serve food. There are many of them across the country, but they tend to be concentrated in cities. In New Jersey, there is a popular festival that has been going on for about a decade where hundreds of food trucks gather together to serve their unique cuisine. These festivals offer visitors an opportunity to try different foods from different regions and styles of cooking.

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