how to increase breast milk

How to increase breast milk for newborn baby

Are you a new mother? Do you feel that your natural breast milk might not suffice your baby’s hunger? If you are wondering how to increase breast milk naturally, without any medication, then it will be best if you go through the following segments.

Breast milk is essential for a newborn baby till they reach a certain age where other food can be given to them. It is not only required to satisfy their hunger but also helps to develop them. However, due to medication, or ailment, a few fail to create enough milk for their child, which is also one of the causes of small breast size. If you are going through a similar situation, then you can read the sections down below to know the different methods to increase breast milk naturally.

How to increase breast milk? Top 3 methods –

There are different natural ways that can help you to increase breast milk. The most effective methods are as follows –

  • Breastfeed more often –

One of the most efficient ways to increase breast milk is to let the baby decide when to stop. In simple words, when a child suckles his or her mother’s breast, the hormones which help to produce milk trigger. In this reflex, muscles in one breast to contract and move the milk through the ducts. Therefore, the more you feed your child, the chances of increasing breast milk will also increase.

  • Breastfeed from both sides –

Another method that can answer your question of how to increase breast milk is to feed your child from both of your breasts. Offer your child the first breast, and once they slow down after a while offers them the other one. The simultaneous pumping of both the breast will boost the chances of increasing breast milk.

  • Pump in between feedings – 

A useful method, which can boost your breast milk creation, is pumping it. You can warm your breast by massaging it with a warm cloth, to make the process comfortable. Other than increasing breast milk, if you are also wondering, how to grow breasts in 2 days, this process can be beneficial for you as well. You can try pumping during the situations down below –

  • Your baby has missed feeding.
  • You have excess milk after feeding.
  • Your baby gets a bottle of breast milk.

How to increase breast milk? Top 5 food – 

Other than implementing the aforementioned methods, if you want to expedite the process, you can try out a few foods. These foods are readily available and do not have any harmful effects. The top 5 food to increase breast milk are as follows – 

  1. Papaya – 

One of the most nutritious fruits, papaya, can also accentuate your breast milk creation. You can have it raw with yoghurt, or with other foods. If you want to make a delicious meal with papaya, you can make soups, salads, and even noodles.

  1. Barley –

the second useful food that can increase sufficient breast milk is barley. Why? Because it is a lactogenic, and studies have found that it is the richest dietary source of beta-glucan. Beta-glucan is a polysaccharide that can increase prolactin, the breastfeeding hormone levels. It may feel inedible if you try to have it raw; thus, you can have it in the form of stew and salad.

  1. Oats –

After barley, oats have a higher concentration of beta-glucan than any other food. Oats are also one of the breakfast options, as mentioned by numerous individuals. You can have them instead of cereals, or make cookies, and muffins with them.

  1. Chaste berry – 

If you are pondering over how to increase breast milk, Then you can also consume chaste berries. Chaste berries are usually available in the form of supplements, which are often prescribed to new mothers. This supplement can reduce painful swelling and ensure comfortable breastfeeding. Other than its healing elements, it can also boost breast milk.

  1. Other whole-grain food –

Lastly, to increase breast milk, you can start consuming food, made of whole-grain, like whole wheat, brown rice. Such staple foods are equally lactogenic, which will increase your breast milk creation. You can make delicious food with these products, such as muffins, pancakes.

In conclusion, it can be mentioned that if you are a mother who is wondering how to increase breast milk, then you don’t need to look for medications. There are numerous natural methods, and easily available foods, which can boost this process, and satisfy your child’s hunger.

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