5 Tips to keep your motorcycle looking new

With the passage of time without any doubt, your motorcycle is going to lose its shine and without proper maintenance and cleaning it is going to become a junkyard on two wheels. Most experienced motorcycle enthusiasts understand how important it is to regularly maintain and fine-tune their rides, and so should you.

Regardless if you already own a bike or going to buy one. You need to know how to effectively take care of your ride so it can last longer and look stylish when you travel on it.

Maintaining a motorbike is more than just spray painting the exterior and washing it with a pressure hose. Rather it is one of the most favorite things that impassioned riders cannot live without. Passionate riders take pride in riding highly maintained and fine-tuned two-wheeler beauties that not only look good but also have the power to cut through the winds at top speeds. Do you also want to keep your ride looking good and new even after many years of traveling? We have got your covered!

Follow our below top 5 tips to keep your metal beauty in tip-top shape all the time.

1- Keep it minty fresh

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? The best way to keep something looking good is to clean it. It is as simple as that. Most riders get immersed in traveling and going on road trips so much that they neglect the importance of washing and cleaning their rides.

When you travel through different types of terrains. Mud, dust, and whatnot get stuck to your bike’s frame and body parts that not only make the frame rusty and dull but also result in reducing your motorcycle’s performance and health. Therefore it is advised that you thoroughly clean your bike after every 3-4 weeks or traveling.

2- Keep your engine healthy

It is ridiculous if you think that only washing and cleaning the exterior is going to keep your ride looking like new for a long time. What good is a shiny exterior if your motorbike’s engine is in bad shape? Not only will your bike lose its performance but will also lose its overall worth.

To ensure your ride’s engine is in good shape regularly change the mobile oil of the engine and ensure that you do not use any cheap quality oil for that purpose. The higher quality oil you choose the more performance you will get.

3- Accessorizes

Nothing makes your bike look new like a highly accessorized body and customized body parts. Equip your bike with useful addons to enhance its look and protect it from scratches and damages. Accessories like scratch protective matt covers, signal lights, saddlebags, etc can enhance your motorbike’s look significantly.

If you have not equipped your ride with any saddlebags we encourage you to use Viking Bag’s motorcycle saddlebags. Viking Bag’s motorcycle luggage bags are specifically designed to be weather resistant and last a long time and can assist you in carrying a lot of your useful stuff and belongings wherever you go.

4- Don’t forget to Lubricate

Oiling your two-wheeler’s body parts like chain, brakes, wheel bearings, etc. can make a huge impact on how long your bike’s performance and body parts last. Oiling your ride generously and regularly will also ensure it does not make any annoying loud noises.

5- Take care of your tires

Your motorcycle’s tires are responsible for running smoothly through all types of terrains. When you go through rough areas or hit many bumps on the road your tires are the first body parts that suffer from the impact. The more you will travel and go through jumps and bumps the more your bike’s tires will suffer and may also lose some air pressure.

Therefore it is advised that you pay attention to the tire pressure and refill the gas to the optimum levels to ensure smooth riding. And if you have been traveling for many years and the traction of tires are worn out, then consider replacing them.

The beauty and look of a vehicle come from both inside and outside. You cannot expect your two-wheeler to look and perform great if you only take care of it from the outside. As a rider always ensure to fine-tune your bike for maximum performance.

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