Five ways to welcome visitors

Being a receptionist or the person required to welcome visitors is an often-underestimated yet important role. Here are five ways to ensure guests leave with a positive and memorable first impression of the company.

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1. Ooze friendly professionalism

The initial welcome is pivotal for the guest’s perception of you and the company you are representing. In a recent RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) survey, 88 per cent of the respondents indicated that they would form negative impressions of an entire organisation if their initial contact with reception staff was anything less than stellar.

Be warm and friendly yet professional in your approach to greeting visitors. You want to give the guest a sense of what the company is about, as you are essentially reflecting its ethos in your words and actions.

2. Ask their name

Ask your visitor for their name so that you can correctly relay this back to the person(s) they have come to see. This will also ensure you and your colleagues use the correct pronunciation. Getting this wrong can seem ineffective at best and insulting at worst; get it right and you can use this to personalise their experience and put them at ease.

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3. Check the appointment details

Ask your guest who they have come to visit. Don’t make assumptions unless you are absolutely sure, as getting it wrong can look incompetent and unprepared. Be organised for expected visitors, making sure to prepare the room they will be using when they get there. If possible, learn a little about them to build rapport and anticipate their needs.

4. Keep your visitor in the loop

Let your visitor know what you are doing. Once you have registered their arrival, advise your visitor that your colleague is on their way or let them know of any unexpected delays. An effective digital visitor management system from a provider such as can make their arrival a smooth process. From visitor badges to event messaging, such a system will enable you to efficiently take control of the situation.

5. Speak and behave confidently

Make your greeting audible and not mumbled, ensuring you are loud enough and clear enough to project an aura of capability and positivity. Be calm and assured in your actions to give the visitor confidence in your abilities.

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