Four reasons to use silicone hoses in food processing applications

Silicone hoses are highly versatile, with a range of different applications across many sectors. Within this article, we will take a look at why the food industry has taken to using silicone hoses, making them an essential part of the production process.

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Silicone is safe for food

As everyone who has cooked commercially or in the home will know that not every material is food safe. Silicone on the other hand is great for use with food, as anyone looking in a homewares shop will attest to. The range of cookware and utensils made from silicone shows how well it copes with foodstuffs, and silicone hose manufacturers are adept at producing parts well suited for food production.

The silicone hoses will not degrade when coming into contact with food, nor will the hoses provide any kind of additional smell or taste to ingredients, making them excellent for these applications.

It does not taint ingredients

The stability of silicone at a range of temperatures, extremes of hot and cold, means that it will not contaminate ingredients which flow through tubes. Similarly, the silicone does not allow the air to get to the food, helping to keep it fresh whilst being processed. Given that over £1 billion of food is wasted prior to reaching supermarket shelves, equating to around 3.6 million tonnes a year, silicone can help to reduce this.

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In addition to keeping the air out of food products, silicone tubes can also protect food travelling through them from external contaminants or pollutants. Given the fact that purity is key in food production, silicone hoses can help to make this a reality within a processing plant.

It can help to maintain temperatures of food

The insulating properties of silicone make it effective for maintaining food ingredients at the correct temperature when they are being processed. Whether that is dealing with frozen foods, or cooked foods which need to be mixed and canned prior to cooling, silicone is an ideal material for this. For more information about the manufacture of these tubes, click here

Silicone is an affordable material

Whether your business is big of small, cost is a large consideration in processing products. The affordable nature of silicone makes it very economical to be used within the processing of high volumes of food.

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