How To Select a Concealed Carry Holster

If you recently decided to conceal and carry a firearm, you may find yourself a bit puzzled as to the best way to conceal it. Should you wear it on your person? In a bag? Consider a few questions that may help you narrow down your options and select your ideal holster.

What Type of Firearm Will You Carry?

The size of your weapon may have a big impact on the type of holster you can use. Ankle holsters and pocket holsters, for example, work best with smaller guns. If your firearm is too large to comfortably fit in one of these holster styles, you may wish to use a concealed shoulder holster or waistband holster.

How Do You Dress on a Typical Day?

The type of apparel you wear may also impact your ability to conceal a firearm using certain strategies. If your holster fits on your shoulder or waist, for example, you may need to wear a jacket or long, loose shirt to cover it. If you are interested in the inside-the-waistband or below-the-waistband concealment technique, you may have to wear pants that are a bit looser than what you might normally wear.

If your typical attire is not conducive to concealing and carrying a firearm, you may wish to purchase a jacket or purse designed to hold weapons. These items often contain special pockets made just for firearms.

What Sorts of Activities Do You Participate In?

Some holsters are better suited for active lifestyles than others. Belly band holsters, in particular, are great for moving about. Ankle holsters, on the other hand, work well for those who are often seated, unlike waistband options.

The many types of holsters available may leave new gun owners feeling overwhelmed. Even so, careful consideration of your options is sure to point you to a holster you’ll love.

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