Optimise your warehouse space with these Practical tips

If your warehouse isn’t working efficiently then it’s costing you money. By optimising the space and flooring like Wood Flooring at your disposal you can get the most out of your warehouse space and drive down your costs. You will find that staff will walk easier, cleaners will clean quicker and less items are breaking.

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Start by calculating your warehouse space utilisation so you can drill down into the way you use it and seek out areas where improvements can be made. Once you’ve made the calculation, start implementing these practical tips.

Use your vertical space

This is an easy win because the space already exists. Research your storage options and your existing racking system to add extra storage that works for your inventory and doesn’t violate building regulations. Consider moving less frequently used items higher in the racking system.

Whatever you choose, make sure staff are trained in manual handling – http://www.hse.gov.uk/toolbox/manual.htm.

You could also add a mezzanine level, depending on your warehouse clearance height and safety regulations.

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Choose the right storage system

– Floor stacking allows for extremely high density storage by piling items on top of each other
– Selective racking enables high pick selectivity with less dense storage
– Double reach racking maximises storage density but reduces aisle space and requires a specialised forklift
– Drive through racking uses rails rather than beams
– Push back racking maximises space when all items are a similar size and weight
– Pallet flow racking uses a similar principle to push back racking on the vertical plane rather than the horizontal

Determining your top options for your adjustable pallet racking system will help you determine the best system and use of space for your warehouse.

Create a warehouse schematic

It’s easy to set up a schematic using a program like Excel but make sure your measurements are accurate before adding racking and use the following formula:

– Length and width of outer racking dimensions x height of the tallest load = maximum storage space

Add storage in wasted spaces

Pallet racking is versatile enough to make the most of wasted space. Add extra storage above cross aisles and dock doors to make the most of every square inch of space. This improves efficiency and brings down running costs to optimise your warehouse.

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