Is it OK to wear brown shoes with a grey suit

What Color Shoes to Wear With Grey Suit?

A grey suit is a versatile wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down for many occasions. However, the key to pulling off a tremendous grey suit outfit is choosing the right color shoes to complement the suit. The boots bring the entire outfit together and allow you to showcase your style.

When building a grey suit outfit, you want the shoes to enhance the suit, not compete. The wrong color shoe can clash and look tacky. However, the right shoe color can make the grey suit look sharp, stylish, and expensive.

In this detailed guide, we’ll cover what color shoes to wear with grey suit. We’ll discuss how to choose shoes based on the shade of grey, the occasion, and your style.

Best Color Shoes To Wear With A Light Grey Suit

What Colour compliments a grey suit

A light grey or medium grey suit is highly versatile. It can be worn to the office, weddings, dates, and more formal events. Here are the what color shoes to wear with grey suit:

Brown Shoes

Brown shoes are the most versatile and classic pairing with a light grey suit. Shades like tan, cognac, chocolate, or chestnut brown work well with light grey. Brown shoes add warmth and contrast to light grey suits.

For business, stick to polished brown Oxfords or Derbies. For casual settings, try suede brown loafers or chukkas. Dark brown pairs better with a medium grey, while lighter browns complement a lighter grey. Ensure the brown has some red/burgundy undertones rather than green/olive ones.

Navy Shoes

Navy blue shoes are another versatile option for light grey suits. The darker blue provides enough contrast against the grey without being too flashy. Stick to dark navy shoes, not bright or soft blues.

The Navy works well for business with Oxfords or loafers. Or try navy suede loafers or boots for a weekend look. Avoid wearing a matching grey and navy suit and shoes, which can look dull.

Burgundy Shoes

Burgundy shoes pair beautifully with a light grey suit, especially for formal weddings or events. The deep red hue complements and pops against the grey. From oxfords to loafers, burgundy shoes add a touch of elegance.

Black Shoes

Simple black Oxfords, loafers, or boots work well for light grey business suits. Opt for polished leather. Black is sharp and dressy for professional settings. But avoid black shoes and a grey suit for weddings or festive events, as it can look dreary.

Best Color Shoes To Pair With A Charcoal Or Dark Grey Suit

Charcoal and dark grey suits have an edgier, modern vibe. The darker grey makes the suit more casual and bold. Here are the top shoe color options for dark grey suits:

Black Shoes

Simple black leather shoes are the best pairing for dark grey and charcoal suits. Black Oxfords, Derbies, loafers, or Chelsea boots create a sleek, sharp, monochromatic look.

For formal events, go with polished black leather dress shoes. For the office or night out, try black suede loafers or boots. The darker suit calls for darker shoes to extend the leg line.

Brown Shoes

Rich brown shoes also pair well with a charcoal or dark grey suit for a casual vibe. Go for a darker chocolate or chestnut brown. Avoid light tans or browns, as they can look out of place with a dark suit.

Brown suede Chelsea boots, chukkas, or oxfords offset the dark grey nicely. The brown still offers enough contrast for a put-together, polished look.

Burgundy Shoes

For a formal wedding or event, burgundy shoes look extremely elegant with a dark grey suit—the deep red stands out against the charcoal for a luxurious appearance.

Burgundy patent leather oxfords or loafers make a bold style statement. The darker shades of grey and burgundy flatter each other well.

Navy Blue Shoes

Pair navy shoes with a dark grey suit for a modern, edgy look. Go for a rich navy suede loafer or Oxford—darker blue nicely plays off the charcoal suit. Navy also works for black tie events when you want to stand out.

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Avoid These Shoe Colors With A Grey Suit

While some colors complement and enhance a grey suit, others can make it look mismatched. Here are shoe colors to avoid with a grey suit:


Avoid white shoes with a grey suit, as the high contrast can look jarring. White shoes stand out too starkly against grey. Save bright white shoes for warmer weather looks. White does pair well with lighter blue suits, however.

Tan or Beige

Light tan or beige shoes also don’t pair well with grey suits. They look washed out. The muted shoe fades into the grey suit instead of providing contrast. Stick to darker browns instead of tans.

Olive Green

Despite being neutral, olive shoes often don’t jive with grey suits. Olive green can veer brown, green, or grey, so it gets lost against an actual grey suit. Other colors like navy, black, and brown work better.

Bright Red

Avoid bright, fire-engine red shoes with a grey suit. The high contrast tends to look mismatched, similar to white. Deeper burgundy works well, but cherry red is too bold. Save those bright reds for casual jeans and chinos instead.

How To Choose Shoes Based On Grey Suit Style

What color shoes to wear with gray pants?

Not all grey suits are made equal. The shade and style of the grey suit should inform your choice of shoes:

Light Grey Suit

Opt for brown, navy, burgundy, and black shoes for light grey and medium grey suits in smooth wool. Contrast is key. Avoid matching grey shoes, as well as white or beige shoes.

Textured Grey Suit

Bolder shoes look great for grey suits with texture and patterns like houndstooth, plaid, or checks. Try oxblood, chestnut brown, or navy loafers. Let the shoes pop against the patterned grey.

Solid Dark Grey Suit

With solid charcoal or dark grey suits, stick to black shoes. Or brown, burgundy, and navy for bolder pairings. Monochromatic black suits the darker, edgier grey suit.

Business Grey Suit

Black or brown leather Oxfords can’t be beaten for grey business suits. The Navy or Merlot also works in business professional settings. Opt for polished, sleek leather.

Casual Grey Suit

For a relaxed grey suit, suede shoes in navy, chocolate brown, tan, or burgundy add a nice texture. Grey suits paired with casual button-downs and suede shoes make great date outfits.

Choosing Shoes Based On The Occasion

Beyond the shade of grey, tailor your shoes to the formality of the event:

Professional Settings

We have polished leather Oxfords, loafers, or Derbies in black, brown, burgundy, or navy at the office. Avoid casual suede or textures.


Wear black, navy, or burgundy leather dress shoes for weddings—or brown Oxfords for a vintage look. Just avoid white so you don’t upstage the bride and groom.

Cocktail Parties

Leather loafers in brown, navy, or black pair nicely with a grey suit for cocktail parties. Or suede loafers for a more relaxed vibe.

Dinner Date

For evening dates, suede Chelsea boots, chukkas, or loafers allow you to wear a grey suit casually. Avoid sneakers or overly shiny shoes.


A grey suit with black leather, suede boots, or Chelsea boots creates a stylish night-out look.

Tips To Choose The Best Color Shoes For Your Grey Suit

Finding the right shoes to match your style and the occasion doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some tips:

  • Stick to dark, neutral colors like black, brown, navy, or burgundy for a foolproof pairing
  • Contrast the shoes with the suit. Avoid matching grey shoes or pale shoes that blend in.
  • Polished leather dress shoes for formal events, suede for casual settings
  • Shades like chocolate or chestnut brown, burgundy, and navy look sharp with grey
  • Monochromatic black on black is ideal for charcoal/dark grey suits
  • Brown and tan work well for light-grey or medium-grey suits
  • Red and burgundy shoes make grey suits pop for stylish affairs and weddings
  • Choose shoes that match the formality of the event, like sneakers vs. Oxford


Ultimately, there is no single best shoe color for grey suits. It depends on the shade of grey, the occasion, and your style preferences. However, some colors like black, brown, navy, and burgundy are almost universally flattering. Avoid extremes like bright white or red shoes.

The key is choosing a shoe color that creates enough contrast so the shoe doesn’t fade into the grey. But you also don’t want high-contrast mismatches. Finding the balance with navy, black, or brown shoes will serve you well for any grey suit outfit.

With the right shoes that complement the grey and flatter your complexion, a grey suit is highly versatile for day-to-night wear. So step out confidently in your grey suit and suitable shoes in sophisticated colors and textures.


1. Should you wear matching grey shoes with a grey suit?

It’s best to avoid matching grey shoes with a grey suit. Going monochromatic can look drab and boring. Opt for shoes in black, brown, navy, or burgundy instead to create contrast against the grey suit.

2. What color shoes go with a medium grey suit?

Black, navy, brown, and burgundy shoes pair nicely with a medium-grey suit. Medium grey is versatile enough to work with neutral, dark shoes. Just avoid light tans or whites.

3. What shoes should you wear with a grey suit to an interview?

Pair a grey suit with polished black or dark brown leather Oxfords or Derbies for a job interview. The sleek leather shoes project professionalism.

4. What color shoes look best with a charcoal grey suit?

Charcoal and dark grey flatter black shoes the most. Simple black Oxfords or Chelsea boots create a sharp monochrome look. Brown and burgundy can also work for formal events.

5. Can you wear sneakers with a grey suit?

It’s best to avoid sneakers with a grey suit unless you’re going for an edgy streetwear aesthetic. Even then, leather sneakers work better than canvas. For most occasions, leather dress shoes complement a grey suit better. Save the sneakers for casual settings.

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