Midi dresses are hugely popular right now for their versatility and feminine charm. Hitting right below the knee, midi dresses are the perfect length that pairs well with various shoes, from heels to flats. Choosing the right shoes to complement your midi dress can elevate your outfit from drab to fab. But with so many midi dress and shoe styles, it can be tricky to figure out how to assemble a cohesive outfit. That's why I've put together this definitive guide on the 29 best shoes for midi dress.

Superstar and icon Twiggy has discovered an unexpected haven - the gentle art of knitting. That might sound unlikely when you think of Twiggy and all she's done in life (can you imagine her sitting and knitting?), but it actually makes a lot of sense. This timeless craft is very special to her and has become more than a pastime. So, let's find out more.

Harry Styles - a name synonymous with bold fashion choices and a style that's nothing short of iconic. From his early days in One Direction to his solo career, Harry has consistently pushed the boundaries of fashion, leaving a trail of awe-inspiring outfits in his wake. If you're a fan of fashion or simply admire Harry's unique sense of style, you're in for a treat. In this blog, we're embarking on a captivating journey through the years, exploring the evolution of Harry Styles iconic outfits.

Precision and attention to detail are essential in the field of Irish dancing. Every step, leap, and turn is taken gracefully and precisely. The basic yet vital Irish dancing replacement laces are sometimes neglected yet critical to the dancer's performance. In this article, we'll look...

The flat cap may seem like the simplest of men’s headwear, but it has a rich history and plenty of anecdotes to its name. Its roots can be traced back to 14th century Northern England, where it was commonly called a bonnet. In the 1600s, an Act of Parliament was passed requiring males over six to wear wool caps on Sundays and holidays (excluding nobility) or face three farthings in fines a day — and while this law didn’t last long, it helped establish flat caps as the default attire for lower-class men.

If the covid-19 pandemic taught us anything, it is the power of community. As many of us were forced to stay at home for the first time in living memory, communities up and down the country rallied to look out for one another, find alternate ways to build social connections, and create a sense of shared experience. Many also used the time to discover new hobbies, such as baking, painting, and crafting. In doing so, new hobbyists discovered that craft clubs are a fantastic way to learn new skills and build connections with their local communities.

Hems are the little pieces of fabric that go around the bottom of a skirt or dress. They can be made from different materials, but the most common material is cotton. Hems are used to finish off a garment at the bottom and to add a decorative touch. They can be sewn onto the skirt or dress, or they can be attached with a special hemming tool. There are many types of hemming tools, including hand-held ones, which are very simple to use, and machine-driven ones, which are more complex to use. This post will show you how to hem a dress using a sewing machine.