10 Reasons Physical Therapy is Beneficial

Physical therapy can help people of any age that are limited in their daily movement, suffer from pain, medical conditions, diseases or injuries that limit their ability to be mobile, independent, and enjoy life.

A personalized physical therapy program can assist your return to your prior level of work or activity. If you thought that you could no longer live the life you want due to pain or limitations, physical therapy could be a life-changer. Primary care medical professionals, sports specialists, and pain management doctors often refer clients to physical therapy at the first indication of an issue. Physical therapy should be your first step because you can often get better without painkillers, injections, or surgery.

Here are 10 reasons why PT might be able to help you.

1) Eliminate or decrease discomfort. Stretches, exercises, and manual therapy can reduce pain in most parts of the body. Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain can usually all be resolved with physical therapy. MyoMelt Therapy is a manual therapy technique developed by Danny Shapiro at Project Physical Therapy that has given patients incredible results. When coupled together with a custom program, you can eliminate pain and prevent it from returning.

2) Prevent surgery. Surgery is usually unnecessary. If physical therapy can help you eliminate discomfort or recover from an injury, run away from the doctor that is only pushing surgery. Even if surgery is required, you might take advantage of pre-surgery physical therapy. If you are entering into a surgical treatment stronger and in much better shape, you will recuperate quicker afterward in most cases. Bottom line, surgery is not your only option.

3) Increase Mobility. If you have a problem standing or moving around, physical therapy can assist no matter your age. Physical therapists can get you moving again without the need for painkillers, injections, or dangerous surgery.

4) Recuperate from a stroke. It’s typical to lose some degree of function and motion after a stroke. PT assists in reinforcing weakened parts of the body and improving gait and balance. Physiotherapists can also improve a stroke patient’s ability to move more around the home more independently. This can include getting in and out of bed, using the restroom, bathing, getting dressed, and many other activities done around the house.

5) Recover from or avoid a sports injury. Physiotherapists comprehend how various sports can increase the chance of getting particular kinds of injuries. A PT can design suitable healing or prevention exercise programs for you to guarantee a safe return to your sport as well as prevent future injuries.

6) Enhance your balance and prevent falls. Your PT will supply exercises that securely and carefully challenge your balance as a method to mimic real-life situations if you’re in danger of falling down. Sometimes, balance problems are triggered by muscle imbalance or a problem in one’s vestibular system; Physical therapists can perform careful and specifically designed treatments that can quickly correct the issue.

 7) Handle diabetes and vascular conditions. As part of a comprehensive diabetes management plan, a workout can help successfully control blood sugar levels. Furthermore, people with diabetes may have problems with sensation in their legs and feet. Physical therapists can assist and inform these patients on proper foot care to avoid more issues down the line.

8) Manage age-related problems. As individuals age, they might establish arthritis or osteoporosis or require a joint replacement. Physical therapists routinely help patients recuperate from joint replacements and handle osteoporotic or arthritic conditions.

9) Handle heart and lung illness. While clients might complete rehab after a cardiac arrest or surgical procedure, you likewise might get physical therapy if your everyday function was impacted. PT can enhance your lifestyle through breathing, fortifying, and conditioning exercises.

10) Women might have particular health concerns, such as with pregnancy and post-partum care. Physical therapists can create a customized plan of maintenance or recovery for many issues that arise. Please do not be reluctant or embarrassed to ask your health care provider or local PT for more information if you have concerns about any problems for yourself or a loved one.

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