Does the arrival of 2020 symbolise a new dawn, or the end of the festive season and a time when winter really takes hold? The first two months of any new year is the time when winter can really become irksome. Of course, the weather is one element, but there are other grievances we Brits have about this time of year. Take a look below to see our full list.

Superman's alter ego was Clark Kent, we all know this but what if he decided not to work for a newspaper.  This would have meant hard labour, packing papers onto Used Pallet Racking which is found from sites including but to integrate into the human world by becoming a website designer instead? Some people say its because he wanted to know exactly where the help was needed before anyone else did.  Some of the famous things he has said would suddenly take on a very different meaning indeed.

I’m not in the best-off moods today. I’ve been told by my Father and family that I need to pose for some old guy who wants to paint my picture. I am Lisa del Giocondo of the Gherardini family and its about 1503 or 1506 I’m not overly good with dates in the city of Florence.  That’s as much as I  know.   It’s all about the Diamond ring for me not the picture.  If he’d gone into the future and invented that magic counting machine he’s always on about maybe I could order some.

The world of business has moved very quickly in the last decade – the rise of online retail and online advertising has hugely changed the business world and many businesses are turning to the help of a brand strategy agency such to help promote...