Ways to Create Happy and Healthy Staff Members

If you own your own business, or if you’re a Director of a company, then keeping your staff happy and healthy is vital; there are certain aspects to office life that takes a toll on a person’s physical health – one of those is continuously sitting down. If you keep your staff happy, you will create a very positive work environment for everyone there. Here are ways to create happy and healthy staff members.

Balance out Work-Life and Pleasure 

When you’re in charge of an office, it’s important to lead your staff and motivate them, but it’s also important to put an occasional pause on daily work life; why not host an office quiz, or perhaps a fun group activity? If it’s an employee’s birthday, you could hold an office buffet with party games.

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 Listen to Your Employees 

When you own a business with employees, it’s important to listen to their needs too, as this is what makes you a good leader; If an employee makes a suggestion for the office or for the company, make sure to listen to their idea, for example in the summertime, an employee might suggest getting an air conditioning unit, or fans for the office. If the office tends to get dirty easily, an employee might suggest you check out an office cleaning Gloucester based company such as, office cleaning in Gloucester by Intocleaning who can help create a happy and tidier workspace.

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 Encourage Healthy Living and Exercise 

Encouraging your staff to be more active and healthy will create happy employees; if it’s an office environment, you will need to encourage your employees to move around, as sitting at their desks all day is bad for their health. Why not hold a group Zumba or yoga class for the office? This will encourage them to stay active and have a bit of fun. Buying fruit for the office is also a great way to encourage your employees to live healthier. On your lunch breaks, you and your employees could also go on a group walk. You could even encourage your employees to do some desk exercises – here are some desk stretches and exercises to teach your employees.

Listen to Their Needs 

You may have a business to run, but your staff needs are also very important; everyone has a life outside of work, and at times tragedies happen. It is important to give employees time off if they have gone through family troubles – make sure to talk to them, and really show that you care about their situation. If you sense that an employee is going through troubles, make sure to bring this up in private, and really listen to what they have to say. If an employee becomes ill, it is vital to give them time off; they might want to be loyal to you and their job, but it’s important for them to get back to good health.

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