If Superman worked in your warehouse

Superman’s alter ego was Clark Kent, we all know this but what if he decided not to work for a newspaper.  This would have meant hard labour, packing papers onto Used Pallet Racking which is found from sites including https://www.rackzone.ie/pre-owned/racking but to integrate into the human world by becoming a website designer instead? Some people say its because he wanted to know exactly where the help was needed before anyone else did.  Some of the famous things he has said would suddenly take on a very different meaning indeed.

“It’s like I’m on a cliff standing on the edge, and where I’m looking is beyond where you’ve been before, and as much as I value everything you’ve given me, I need to go beyond where either of you can guide me anymore, to be the hero the world needs me to be” – website design can be a scary new venture and if the online world feels like a brave new world then don’t despair. You can be a hero of the internet with an amazing website, you just need the help of professionals to guide over what seems like a cliff edge.

“You have a second chance. You can change all that” – indeed if your current website isn’t getting the hits you want it to be getting, then yes you can change that and work towards an improved design. Redesigning can mean your site having better navigation and usability to make sure customers stay on your site.

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“I have so many questions” – don’t let your customers feel this way. Make sure that your website contains all the information that they will be looking for in an easy to find format. Don’t bombard them but do make sure you are providing clear and concise details about exactly what your business offers.

“I don’t know where to start” – start with a plan, a plan that outlines exactly who your target audience is. This way you won’t waste time providing information that doesn’t resound with customers. The better you know who you want to target, the more streamlined and effective your website design will be.

“Everything’s okay now” – don’t rest on your laurels when it comes to your website. A fully effective site will need to be regularly updated to keep content fresh and should be updated with latest news and features relevant to your business area. Data should be analysed too to check what’s working and what’s not and see how many people are visiting your site and from where.

“Not exactly what you had in mind, huh?” – don’t surprise your visitors in a bad way by making common mistakes like having different font types all over the place and too much text crammed in. Images that aren’t relevant or really annoying moving pictures everywhere. Search bars that yield no results and navigation that doesn’t get you anywhere are also a big no-no’s and will have your customers leaving quicker than Clark Kent changing in a phone box!


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