How can I prevent blocked drains?

A blocked drain can seriously ruin your day. We rely on our facilities running smoothly and can seriously impair our day when we’re unable to flush the toilet or empty the sink. Blocked drains can often be avoided by not putting anything in the toilet that should not be there. Things like:



Can you believe that people are trying to flush nappies down the toilet? They are certainly not designed for this because they do not degrade in the water. More likely, they will absorb water, making them bigger and block the pipe completely.

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Hair is one of the main issues that hinder shower and sink drains. Those with long hair tend to lose a lot when showering and it doesn’t take long for the amount to accumulate and block the drain. This can easily be avoided by installing a plug or trap guard to collect hair before getting into the plug hole.

Baby and Face Wipes

Wipes should not be thrown into the toilet because they do not break down in water and can cause severe blockages. They may seem small and harmless, but the only place they need to go when you’re done with them, is in the trash. If you have a blockage problem, consider a Blocked Drain Kent company like 3flow drainage, suppliers of Blocked Drain Kent solutions.

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Food waste sits at number one as the cause of blocked drains. When scraping the leftover food from the plate, it is easy to think a little bit down the drain won’t be a problem. However, when you do this from time to time, the food accumulates in your pipes and can cause complete blockages, as well as unpleasant odours.

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