The glitter and glamour of Gloucester Carnival

The Gloucester Carnival has it’s origins as far back as the 1930’s and has now become an amazing spectacle of floats, in the grand parade and the spectacular fun fair ground.  This is a community, business and individual event that anybody can participate in.  The Carnival floats all have a specific theme on which to design their entries and compete for the grand prize.  In 2019 the design ethos behind the parade was “Myths and Legends” and the procession was led by a dangerous Dragon and fantastic Unicorn floats.  Hundreds of working hours and hard manual labour are spent creating and designing the costumes and the vehicles themselves. 

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The Carnival is a yearly occurrence usually conducted in the months of July/August, it’s a free to attend spectacular show for all the people of Gloucestershire.  There are hundreds of entertainers, singers, dancers, musicians all wearing bright colourful costumes.  Amongst all the fun and festivities of the Carnival and focused on keeping people safe are the dedicated first aid professionals and medics such as . Event Medical Hire would be something that the organisers of such events would definitely have to think about.

The bright, musical and colourful procession continues through the cheering, crowded streets of Gloucester until it reaches the Park.  For the next two weeks the funfair with all it’s exciting rides, competitive stalls, music and fun is in permanent residence for everybody to enjoy.

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