Diesel cars have reduced in popularity since the introduction of clean air zones such as ULEZ, the ultra-low emission zone in London where most diesel vehicles incur charges. However, diesel can still be the fuel of choice for some drivers, so before you decide on your next car, read our guide to the future of diesel cars.
Wales are taking the lead when it comes to sex education. Parents and guardians will no longer be able to request their children are withdrawn from lessons aimed at educating them on relationships, sexuality and religion.

When we refer to a sedentary lifestyle, we're talking about a lifestyle in which someone doesn’t receive regular amounts of physical activity or exercise. Image Credit What are the recommendations? Many health professionals agree that walking 10,000 steps a day, which is approximately 5 miles, is a good...

We all want to look our best when we leave the house, whether we’re going out to work, a party or just to the shops. However, it’s unrealistic for everyone to have a model figure that’s perfectly slim and toned. For the rest of us, we often need a little bit of help to enable us to look our best. This could be through simply wearing the right underwear, having a correctly fitted bra or undergoing a surgical procedure.

If you’re responsible for managing a fleet of corporate vehicles, there is a lot to keep track of. From the initial purchasing costs to ongoing maintenance, taxation, and fuelling, there is much to consider. Image Credit You may also want to look at the advantages fleet vehicle...

Rugby is a game of great skill, and also requires physical endurance to play the full 80 minutes at pace. Players at all levels should be prepared to work on their power and strength in order to improve their overall game.
Being self-employed has many benefits but it can also at times feel like attempting to navigate a minefield in the dark. Unless you are lucky enough to have regular contracts, then it will inevitably lead to periods of financial instability. Here are five ways in which financial advice can help the self-employed.