Blogs Every College Student Should Read

5 Blogs Every College Student Should Read

College students spend a ridiculous amount of their free time studying and reading. Whether it’s textbooks, whitepapers, online articles or Wikipedia pages, college students are enveloping themselves in the written word. Unfortunately, many college students forget to read things that they genuinely enjoy or that provide useful information without coming across as super educational. In order to get a well-rounded education both in and outside of the classroom, I recommend taking some time each week to read these blogs. Not only will they teach new things in a different way, but they will also provide inspiration and life lessons that can’t be taught in a lecture hall.

1. Study Hacks by Cal Newport

Who doesn’t want to learn the quickest and most efficient way to nail the studying game? Cal Newport, a computer science professor currently teaching at Georgetown University, understands what it takes to master the art of studying and succeeding in college. Newport has written various books on the subject of being an outstanding student but also tackles the subjects of hard work, killing distractions and having a well-balanced, successful college experience.

2. LifehackerBlogs Every College Student Should Read

Life is meant to be hacked. Apart from teaching essential skills for survival, Lifehacker is the ultimate list of how to do things and get stuff done. Anything from genius hacks you can perform using everyday objects to certain psychological and sociological theories, Lifehacker is a life-saver for boredom, curiosity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Lifehacker specializes in technology so students looking to hack their gadgets can get great tips here as well.

3. Intern Queen by Lauren Berger

A quintessential experience in college, internships are a key component to landing that dream job following graduation. However, finding the right internship with the right company and the right time can be a bit of a headache. Also, how do you beat out all of the other candidates and get the most out of your free labor? Lauren Berger is the Intern Queen for a reason and she proves it in her blog. Posts ranging from 6 Ways Students Burned Bridges with Hiring Managers to 10 Things to Survive Studying Abroad, Berger tackles students’ fears heads on and offers champion secrets.

4. Student Hacks

There are a lot of things to navigate while in college and Student Hacks gets that. Whether it be helping students with essays or planning the perfect dorm prank, Student Hacks dives in and shows you how to make quite the splash during your college years. Many of the articles are written by fellow students, even some who attend Northeastern University, and they exist to make your experience better.

5. Campus Grotto

Proclaimed as the “inside source at college,” Campus Grotto is the hub for all things college. Student-authored articles offer guidance to the admissions process as well as choosing the best bike, finding your major and staying up to date on finances in the college world. This blog is a must for those random questions you never thought to ask or simply couldn’t find the answer to, as well as a general advice think tank for simply surviving college.

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