How to get paint

How to get paint out of hair

How many times have we painted our house before, or maybe he just repainted the balcony railing and inevitably smeared his hair with paint? Removing this substance is not that easy, no matter what type of paint rubs our hair. In case this little inconvenience arises, the important thing is not to panic. We won’t necessarily need to resort to drastic measures, such as cutting the hair off our precious hair. Just follow the suggestions in this guide carefully. Let’s see how to easily and successfully remove paint from hair.

Necessary Item

  1. Shampoo
  2. Thick tooth comb
  3. Olive oil
  4. Transparent film for food
  5. Hair mask
  6. Balsamo

Analyze the characteristics of the paint

First of all, we advise you to carefully evaluate the type of paint used. The characteristics of the paint will indeed be very important for the choice of the intervention to be carried out and the specific products to use. Second, the extent of the paint stain on the scalp should also be assessed in order to assess the possibility of even more drastic intervention. As a general rule, it can be said that paints are always based on water or oily substances. In the following paragraphs, we will examine all possible cases, illustrating for each the best form of intervention.

Scrub with shampoo

If the product that we used for our work is simply water-based, it will be very easy to remove it. We will have to isolate the area where the paint fell by pouring a few drops of the shampoo that we usually use. The important thing is to use it neat and undiluted with water. We perform a light massage with the fingers. Leave the shampoo on for about fifteen minutes. After the necessary time, we take a comb with tight teeth and try to gently remove the stain, starting to combat the root and working towards the tips. If necessary, repeat the operation a second time. Once the head is clean, wash the hair and soften it with a generous dose of conditioner balm. You will notice that there will be no trace of paint,

Apply olive oil

Oil-based paints can be removed with olive oil. The oils generally work as moisturizers and delicate creams that protect the hair fibers. Spalmiamone a copious amount and massage the affected part with the fingertips for a long time. We continue the operation by applying the oil a second time and we continue to massage. As in the previous case, leave on for ten to fifteen minutes, then comb the hair to let the color escape. Once again, the results will be astounding: goodbye to clean, shiny paint and hair.

Prepare a mixture with oil and balm

But in some cases, it will be necessary to resort to very substantial solutions. If the stain of paint to be removed is large enough, we will have to prepare a mixture with olive oil and balsam in a non-metallic container. We combine and mix both ingredients well until a creamy consistency without lumps. Now we apply as if it were a moisturizing mask. Wrap the hair in a couple of layers of cling film. The heat will allow the mixture to penetrate deeply. We leave for at least an hour, then we comb the hair, proceeding very gently. At this point, we wash our hair and apply a softening mask to restore the natural pH of the hair fibers,


Never forget:

After applying the olive oil and balm mixture, wait about an hour before removing the substance from the scalp.

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