The races are back open so what should you wear?

When you go to your local race track you will see thousands of people walking around wearing various types of hats, clothing, and other accessories. Many of these people spend a lot of money on their attire, but you may not know what to wear to a day in the races. As you likely already know, there are going to be other people walking around in the same shirts and pants as you, so it is important that you know what to wear before you enter the stadium. Here is what you should wear for a day in the races.

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You will need to wear the proper shoes for what you are walking around in. For instance, if you are going to be running, you will need to find something with a good grip. You will also want to find out whether there is a particular dress code for the event that you are attending. You can find some stylish Superdry Menswear from places like, or if you are attending one of the Royal race events you might want to wear a suit and tie.

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You will often see a lot of country chic styling at race events and the women will often be wearing a dress of some description. This is particularly evident on ladies day when the women will come dressed in their finery along with hats and fascinators of all colours, shapes and sizes.


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