What to wear to a gala

What to wear to a gala to look yourself perfect?

How do you have to dress to attend a gala event? If you have a black-tie event on the agenda, you don’t have to settle for putting on a cute dress or thinking of wearing the same dress that you have worn to a wedding. There is a whole protocol with a dress code to follow to wear appropriate clothing for the occasion. In Barcelona, the celebration of the Ondas awards is approaching, an occasion like this requires a certain type of clothing. It is a formal evening event. Hence, it is preferable to wear a long dress, although the short one is acceptable as long as it is not too long (average leg or slightly above the knees).

What to wear to a gala?

Choosing a long black dress is a sure hit, although less original. If we don’t want to give up this great classic, we can look for more elaborate fabrics and more current designs.

What to wear to a gala

Poison in the Skin black dress

If we are willing to give up black, we have the alternative of the always elegant blue or follow the chromatic trends of the season by choosing the most appropriate shades for our colors and skin tone. We can even dare with gold and silver, taking care not to become too flashy.

Long blue dress by Veneno en la Piel

Colors such as red, green and nude are the favorites of celebrities in their dresses to attend the galas, among their looks we can find many ideas for our ideal dress, always being careful since they tend to dare many times more than they should.

You have to be careful with the necklines and openings. The goal is to be elegant, not the sexiest of the event, for the same reason the dress has to be fitted but never tight. It would be vulgar and inappropriate. You can wear a more pronounced neckline, with a small chest, but it should never be too much.

On November 25, the Ondas awards gala will be held in Barcelona, do you know what to wear? If you would like to go but do not have an invitation for the first time in its 61 years of history, the Ondas Awards offer the general public the opportunity to attend in this edition.

Entries can be won by participating in a Twitter contest with the hashtag # lasmerezcoOndas2014 explaining why they deserve to win 1 of the 3 triple tickets for the Ondas Awards Grand Gala and 1 of the 3 triple passes for the After Ondas party to be held in the Opium Barcelona room. If you want to get an entry, you have time until tomorrow to participate in your tweet. On the same day, November 21, in the afternoon, the winners will be announced.

What kind of evening dress to wear?

The etiquette for a gala occasion would officially require the kind ladies to wear long evening dresses and enveloping, with a little train if desired, but in any case without excessive necklines that could be vulgar. The fabrics are precious, plain colors or with delicate and refined patterns, with light points or rich in sequins for those who decide to dare a little, but always in moderation. Normally on this occasion, the white evening dress is not chosen, which always makes a little bride, and short evening dresses or cocktail dresses are also banned, whether they are below or just above the knee.

The classic is the black evening dress with which you never go wrong and looks good on everyone, regardless of complexion, hair color and a few extra pounds. If the black tie is required, it is a must. Models and types are different: they range from the mermaid dress to the long sheath dress up to the ankles, from the sweetheart neckline to the American neckline. The line is usually the romantic one with lace or the more classic silk or satin, going on the femme fatale style only if the location allows it. Are you attending a gala evening and are you pregnant? Your choice will undoubtedly fall on formal maternity wear!

Look details and accessories: perfect all-round

Upon arrival at the gala evening, if it’s cool, you can cover your shoulders under a fur coat or a beautiful stole to match the dress. For example, if it is a red evening dress, you can wear a matching coat, but it must be of the same fabric and color, or a contrasting element, but that matches well.

The neckline and jeweled sandals are the best. A clutch bag must be worn strictly in combination with the shoes with the thumb on one side, index on the upper side and middle-ring finger-little finger on the other. The jewels must be balanced with the evening dress: if this is very precious, they will be simple, otherwise the reverse. The hairstyle will be refined and elegant according to taste: yes to hair with particular colors like balayage, but remember that the crop always makes its figure.

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