what to wear with a leather skirt

What to wear with a leather skirt

The leather skirt, which has now become almost a wardrobe classic, still raises doubts about wearing it, but the latter, contrary to what one might believe, is not a filthy garment. Mini, flared, or knee-length, the leather skirt is increasingly constantly presented in fashion shows and declined in various colors such as green, burgundy, or ocher yellow.

What to wear with a leather skirt?

what to wear with a leather skirt

Unlike what you might think, the leather skirt is versatile and easy to wear both day and night. The important thing will be to choose the right model to enhance your physicality and suitable accessories to avoid feeling uncomfortable or inadequate. We will try, then, through this guide, to find out how to match a leather skirt.

One of the fundamental rules to follow in choosing the right combination with the leather skirt will be to soften its hard and rock side with a fashionable and comfortable garment. Since leather has a certain heaviness, it will be necessary to combine it with a light and soft material. In winter, a flannel shirt, perhaps checkered or Scottish style, a wool or cashmere sweater can be the ideal solution, as the softness of the material will dampen the aggressive tone of the skin. A colored faux fur will complete your look and make it perfect. However, in spring, you can choose a t-shirt, a cotton shirt, or a fluid silk top. These combinations will allow you to wear your leather skirt in all naturalness in everyday life.

An office look

Even if you’ve always thought otherwise, it’s not impossible to show up to an important meeting wearing your leather skirt. In this case, however, you will opt for a model that is not too short but preferably straight lines, combining it, for example, with a silk shirt that is not too low-cut or a high-neck pullover. Also perfect in the wallet version combined with a white shirt and a wool coat. For a modern and sophisticated work look, always choose it with a wallet, but opt ​​for the high waist to wear with a denim shirt. The final touch can be a colored trench coat that will make your look more dynamic.

A sportier version

To make your leather skirt current and show it off on any occasion, there is nothing better than combining it with an oversized sweatshirt or jacket with a masculine cut. This choice works well on the mini models and the longest versions and will allow you to have a very contemporary look.

For a romantic dinner

For a romantic date, you can decide to choose a full skirt model, but pay attention to the balance of volumes. Remember to balance the shapes by opting for a corset, a lace blouse, or a top that follows the shape of the body and avoids too fluttering lines that would increase the volume, making the whole not harmonious.

The right shoes

As for shoes, avoid shoes with too high heels and boots with stiletto heels. Rather, during the day, prefer a pair of boots, from the Texan style to the biker style, or amphibians. For a business appointment or a dinner for two, you can, however, wear a pair of décolleté or sandals, but try to choose well-structured or soft vintage-style shapes. Remember that a valid alternative, day or night, is to choose a nice pair of sneakers that will make your style sporty but with style.

The accessories

As for accessories, the watchword remains sobriety. If you want to choose a ring or a necklace with impressive lines, limit yourself to just one addition. Good choice of gold or silver jewels with graphic lines, modern and discreet. For a business meeting, also think of a pearl necklace and a scarf that will give an even more sophisticated look to your look. As for the choice of the right bag, you can freely switch from a shoulder model for the office to a sporty bag for lunch with friends or to a trendy clutch bag for dinner for two.

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