Forget colour go black this summer

Let the dark shine

After the vibrancy of the last year of the last decade – pastels, powder pinks and sunset shades, Miami beach prints and even colourful trousers, we’re now returning to the dark side, and with the classy and sophisticated look that it creates, it is easy to see why the colour is being turned off.

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Black is back

We are in the middle of the darker months and short days, and wardrobes are darker too. But rather than the usual winter grey, navy or forest green, the most stylish men in the world have abandoned colour altogether and pure, mournful and beautiful black is back. They are often wearing black shirts such as Farah shirts. Black suits, usually revived and worn once in a while for funerals, are now being donned for more lavish, upbeat occasions. Black without even a hint of colour or a patterned tie in sight. Designers have turned off the lights for winter and we are now well and truly in the dark.

A passing trend or here to stay?

We know that fashion is like a pendulum, and swings one way and then back the other way. Menswear that has been holidaying in tropical print technicolour paradise this season is knocking that all back in favour of sartorial black. As a mirror of our time – toxic politics, no Vitamin D boosting, life-affirming sunshine & the problems of our age – wearing mourning black is the sharp way to go.

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A ‘no colour’ colour with benefits

Women’s fashion magazines were spot on – black is very flattering and slimming as it has the wonderful ability to eliminate the appearance of the bumps and extra bits that stick out. Especially good for this season of indulgence. A black wardrobe ( can carry us through to the softer colours of spring when we naturally lose our winter layers. And going all black from head to toe works beautifully.

All black

Christian Bale shows how to carve out a wonderful aesthetic figure in an all black suit. Black shirt, black tie, black shoes and a black overcoat for a powerful, level-headed, risk averse look. This is mob boss tailoring as seen in The Irish Man – sharp and unforgettable.

Brighter days are far from around the corner, so embrace the darkness.

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