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Career Outlook for Fashion Majors

As the economy comes out of a slow hibernation – a hibernation that has hit the fashion world the hardest – there are now more and more jobs for individuals interested in the fashion industry. Indeed, a fashion degree can get you in the door of many different facets of this economic sector, which is a crucial sector according to financial analysts. Every day, more and more fashion businesses are opening and reporting huge surges in profits. This is because people feel freer to spend on clothes. Knowing that the job market is strong, there is a big demand for luxury goods too. This is why you may be curious to learn about some of the jobs that you can get after studying fashion in college. Indeed, it is not only about becoming a designer – but you can also work behind the scenes too. Here are some career prospects for fashion majors.


One of the most promising jobs in the fashion industry is that of a buyer. A buyer’s job is actually really exciting because you are a little bit like a curator. If you are the buyer for a large department store, you may travel all over the world going to fashion shows and visiting showrooms and filling out orders. Right now, there is a big demand for qualified buyers with a fashion degree.


Another promising career in the fashion world is that of an accountant. All of these fashion brands, boutiques, and department stores need talented accountants that can handle the books and make sure that things are in the black and not the red. You may also be responsible for accounts receivables and accounts payables. If you want to double your chances for this career, you could get NEC’s masters in forensic accounting degree or you can go to Northeastern University and get a similar degree in accounting. With this degree, your chances are strong that you will land a job when you graduate.

Boutique Owner

Of course, you could also become a boutique owner. As a boutique owner, you will be responsible for making sure that your store always has the freshest and more fashionable clothing. It can be fast-paced, which is why you want to have a good team, like a good accounts department and a good buyer.


As a merchandiser, your job will be to create the look and feel of a boutique or department store – or even a showroom. You will be responsible for creating the shopping experience that a patron will have. You will think of interesting ways to display the clothing and you may work with art directors on designing window displays.


On top of everything, if you have a passion for designing, you may want to think about becoming a fashion designer. Of course, you could start your own label, or you could start looking for jobs within an established fashion label. If you decide to do it yourself, you have to be aware that the industry is very competitive for designers, so you want to have a backup plan for when your label takes a dip. In the end, though, with a little hard work and marketing, you could make your label a smashing success.

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