How to make money from knitting

Making money from your knitting hobby can be enjoyable and rewarding. Building a successful business takes time, effort and perseverance, but if knitting is something that you truly enjoy, why not turn your passion into a money-making business?During the pandemic, one retailer reported that their sales of several items of knitting and sewing equipment rose by an amazing 646%. Many people still continue knitting post-pandemic, having found a love for the craft during Lockdown. In this guide, we take a look at a variety of ways to make money from your passion.

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Find your niche

If you are a novice knitter, you might want to try out different knitting projects to see which ones you most enjoy. Knitting kits are a great way to discover whether you prefer knitting scarves and hats, or blankets and toys, for example. Knitting Kits come complete with a pattern, easy-to-follow instructions, needles and wool, so are an excellent way to determine the type of knitting projects you enjoy most.

Attend local craft fairs and markets

Why not have a stall at a local craft fair or market? This is a great way to let people know about your new business venture and showcase your work. These events provide opportunities to connect with potential customers, as well as receive feedback about your products. Take along some business cards and flyers to give out to customers, enabling you to spread the word about your products.

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Use social media

You don’t necessarily need a website to promote your work. Using sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook can help to showcase your knitting projects and engage with potential customers. If you are unsure how to use these platforms, YouTube has many videos showing you how to create quirky posts, use hashtags and promote your online presence.

Online Shop

Selling on sites such as Etsy will potentially attract customers from all over the world. High-quality photos alongside detailed product descriptions are a must. Pricing and shipping information will also need to be worked out for both domestic and international sales.

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