Bands that began in a Garage

The sound that you can hear coming from the garage is the sound of the future. So many influential artists have started out their musical existence in a garage. For many, it was the only space that they could soundproof and turn into a makeshift studio, for others it was so their Parents would stop complaining as they used their bedrooms and they wanted them out of the house. Some decent doors can deaden the sound and the Garage Doors Bristol based company can be there to help you. The term garage band has become synonymous with a type of sound, loud distorted guitars and a driving beat. Here are some of  the best ones.

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  1. The 13th Floor Elevators. Trippy but not hippy, the 13th Floor Elevators were the creation of one Rocky Erickson. Way before their time in the late 60’s their tracks became hugely influential to the next generation of Punks and then Grunge stars plus some more Psychedelic bands as well.
  2. Hawkwind. Rock and roll survivors, more line up changes than anyone can possibly keep up with, a load of spinoffs and side projects, a famous bass player who went on to form a massive band of his own and an acrimonious split with the two main talents that still rages today, even when both are in their early Eighties. Still performing today, a film should be made of the bands history, if it could actually be believed and it was 5 hours long.

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  1. The MC5. Another of the big alt-rock influencers, the MC5 burst onto the scene with frenetic guitars and drums that seemed to assault the senses, “Kick out the Jams” being the most notorious. They ended in underserved obscurity.
  2. Iggy and the Stooges. One time car insurance salesmen, Iggy Pop and the Stooges are the archetypal garage band. A Loud brash singer, who was quite happy to jump into the crowd (and still does at the age of 75), guitars played in a key and pitch that no one had heard before and minimal lyrics that were always about to be banned.
  3. The Kinks. Something a bit more mellow, but not that much. The Kinks are known for their love song to London “Waterloo Sunset” but it’s “You really got me” that makes them the garage band. Like the 13th Floor Elevators, Ray Davies was not adverse to the odd howl now and again.
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