How to Look After Your Windows So They Last Longer

There are many simple ways to care for your windows. One of the simplest ways is to clean them occasionally, with a soft cloth. Use a mild soap to clean the exterior of the window and avoid acidic or abrasive cleaners. If you do have to clean them, always test on an inconspicuous area first to make sure the cleaning product does not damage the finish. Another simple way to care for your windows is to apply a layer of dust-removal wax or grease on the exterior.

Another important step is to check your windows frequently to prevent leaks. When a window isn’t properly fitted, it can leak air or water, which will affect their performance. Additionally, if you live near the sea, you should take special care of your windows because salt spray can damage them very easily.

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Keeping your windows clean should be one of your first priorities when cleaning your home. Regularly cleaning your windows will keep the dust and dirt from damaging the frames over time. It is also important to check for cracks and peeling. If you notice any, make sure to repair them before they cause any further damage. You can also apply a stain or paint to protect wood frames from the elements, such as a natural finish or a stain. Taking care of the windows in your conservatory can be a big task so set a schedule. For information on Gloucester Conservatories, visit

When cleaning your windows, make sure you pay special attention to areas you can’t reach easily. For example, if your window glass has gaps between the frame and the wall, you should replace it immediately. Broken glass could cause serious leaks and loss of heat or air conditioning. So, you should pay close attention to the caulking around your windows. Keeping them clean will ensure that your windows will last longer.

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Another simple method is to wipe off the tracks with a soft brush and use a non-detergent lubricant. The tracks between the windows should be cleaned as well, as dirt and soap can build up on them and make them stick. The tracks also let water into your home, which can seriously damage your windows over time.

Another way to take care of your windows is to schedule regular inspections. By regularly cleaning and inspecting them, you can extend their lifespan and save yourself some money in the future. If you do this, you can prevent any problems and make your windows last longer.

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