Three Activities to Help you Beat the January Blues

January is that month of the year that we all dread. Not only is it seemingly never ending, but it also brings with it the grey skies and the long nights. This can cause more people to feel down in January, and blue Monday – the Monday when the glitter of Christmas has truly fallen away, new year’s resolutions are forgotten and the general doom and gloom sets in, is given to the Monday in the middle of the month when so many people start to really feel the gloom of the month all around them.

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Caring for your mental health is really important particularly during this month of the year, and if you are looking for something to help lift you out of that January rut, here are a few things that you can do…

Arts and Crafts – Doing something creative is really good for the brain and something that you can do indoors on those chilly days and long dark nights. You could do something that you have always enjoyed or learn something new – why not take up an art class, or get a knitting kit like this and start creating some cosy hand knitted items that you can use around the home? Arts and crafts can help to lower your stress levels and your blood pressure, and it will give you a positive focus.

A Country Walk – Although it is cold out, getting outdoors is a great way to boost your feel-good hormones. Being out in the natural world has a real calming effect on the mind too. Wrap up warm and go and enjoy the countryside. At this time of the year, the scenery is beautiful, whether you walk through a frosty forest or along a wild and windy coastline. There are lots of places in the UK where you can really enjoy having a good walk, and you will feel so much better after it.

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Having a Clear Out – If your home is not looking its best, then this could well be having a negative effect on how you feel. Now is a great time to spend some time decluttering so you can start the new year the right way. Getting rid of all the clutter not only gives you more motivation but will also make your home more enjoyable.

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