Myths About Playing Sports in College

5 Common Myths About Playing Sports in College

Lately, there have been a lot of misconceptions about college sports and the athletes that play them. One of the biggest controversies is surrounding the pay student-athletes get during their collegiate years. However, there are a lot of rumors and myths that need to be cleared up before these controversies can be understood. Many of these athletes are getting paid with a full scholarship to a top university. Some may look at this as a carrot at the end of a stick, but if you – the athlete – play your cards right, you could be a part of a really great team and graduate with an in-demand degree. Here are five common myths about playing sports in college.

1. You Will Get a Full Ride Scholarship Myths About Playing Sports in College

When you play college sports, there is only a chance that you will get a full scholarship. In some cases, you may join the team later and in that case, will have to pay your full tuition. In another case, you may only get a partial scholarship.

2. It Will Is Easier to Get Away with Not Doing School Work

When you play sports for a college team, you still need to do your schoolwork. There is a pervasive myth that you can get away with not doing the regular work that is assigned to you. Sure, teachers may be a bit laxer at some colleges, especially around the game day, but generally, you still need to have a balance between playing sports and going to classes. Just like all the other students, you need to do well in your classes, which requires finishing assignments and doing well on exams.

3. There is a Guarantee That You’ll Go to the Big Leagues

One particularly big myth about college sports is that you will definitely go to the big leagues after graduation. The truth of the matter is that only about 2% to 3% of students make it to the big leagues. This is why you want to focus on school and perform well – you want to graduate with your degree so that you can fall into a career. If you want to gun for the big leagues, you want to condition and perform your best.

4. You are Guaranteed to Graduate

Just like you aren’t guaranteed to move on to the big leagues – you aren’t guaranteed to graduate. If you don’t focus on school, you won’t graduate – it doesn’t matter if you have won your team every single game. Coaches aren’t allowed to offer preferential treatment to student-athletes, so it is important to focus on doing really well in your classes. This is the case if you are going to the University of Cincinnati or Baylor University or any other university for that matter.

5. Your Performance in the Field Will Determine Your School’s Rating

On top of everything, you want to avoid believing this myth, because it could really put the pressure on you. This pressure could turn into stress and depression. In no way will your performance determine your school’s rating. In the end, if you do well you may put your school into the spotlight, but you can’t singlehandedly make or break a college based on how well you play.

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