how do lobsters communicate

Do you know how do lobsters communicate?

Lobsters have a very interesting way of communicating. Think it was one of those most searched things on google in 2020. In the 17th century, lobster was anything but a delicacy. It was so abundant that the meat was fed to the pigs and the shells were used as fertilizer. Even laws were passed prohibiting people from serving him more than three times a week to servants or prisoners. Here, you can discover how do lobsters communicate?

Lobsters have an unusual way of communicating. Instead of making noises or gestures, they splash on them. They have two blisters that are located on either side of the head. Right under their eyes, they have small urine release nozzles, which they use to spray the substance on each other.

How do lobsters communicate?

how do lobsters communicate

They urinate on each other’s faces as a way of communicating, both during the fighting and during mating. Sprayed urine contains a chemical message that can communicate various things, including simple recognition, aggression, and attraction. The behavior of the lobsters is “strange” think that the female lobster takes off her clothes to mate.

To grow, lobsters need to shed their shells and regrow a newer, larger one. During this vulnerable period, the female lobster decides to mate, interlocking with a male for 10-14 days until she is protected with her new shell and can move on. It can hold its sperm for up to two years before fertilizing its eggs and is not monogamous. A female lobster can carry the sperm of multiple mates at the same time.

The green stuff in lobster is the digestive tissue which functions as the lobster liver and pancreas. Some people consider it a delicacy, but it is not recommended to ingest the green stuff as it may be contaminated with toxins.

Lobsters have two stomachs

One in their head and it has teeth! It does the job of crushing the food. The second is just behind the first and extends into the abdomen. Helps digestion.

Lobsters can detach one of their limbs in an emergency and grow back during a molting period. They die and regrow their shells 20-30 times in an average lobster life.

Lobsters are cannibals

If food is scarce, they will eat each other. Shameless. Cases of lobster cannibalism appear to be on the rise, and some biologists think climate change is to blame.

Lobsters don’t scream in pain when placed in a pot of boiling water. They have no vocal cords, so they literally CANNOT scream. The sound that most people hear is the air that is released from the stomach through the mouth.

Also, did you know that lobsters, like house flies, taste with their feet?

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