Best zombie web series

Best zombie web series

One of the best themes in terms of movies or series is concerned is the zombie stories. These terrifying corpses in various dramas have proven to be great entertainment for audiences. But as in everything, there are stories much more good, terrifying, fun, interesting and real than others. Are you looking for something that piques your interest? Do you like zombie dramas? I tell you that you are in the right place. I have written this post to recommend the best zombie web series.

Best zombie web series

Best zombie web series

1 . The walking dead

Without a doubt, this series of zombies of American origin based on the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman is one of our favorites. It shows the story of Rick Grimes, who is the protagonist, a policeman who, after being shot in the chest, goes into a coma for a long time.

The nightmare begins when he wakes up to find a terrible zombie apocalypse, with which he must fight alongside other characters to survive.

This incredible series has had a long history, has 11 seasons that have been a success. It has also inspired many parodies that you can see on YouTube, an example of which is Bad Lip Reading. If you decide on this incredible option, you can search for it on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

2. Fear The Walking Dead

How not include this series of zombies in this post if it is a spin-off of “The Walking Dead,” the first on our list of favorites. You can not miss it. It shows the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, that is, everything that happened that long time when Grimes was in a coma. It was recorded in Los Angeles, United States, so it has a spectacular setting at all times.

I anticipate that the story focuses on a family that goes through quite anguishing moments. In the midst of all the catastrophe that is lived in the place, these people must try to save themselves. Get to know the full drama, enjoying this spectacular series on Amazon Prime Video or Movistar Plus.

3. Z-Nation

Recommended for those looking for a combination of horror and humor, as this incredible series transports us to a chilling story with a bit of comedy included. Z Nation, known as one of the best zombie series. It deals with the life of a group of people who survived a zombie virus that engulfed the population. After this, they fight and go a long way to find the vaccine and save humanity.

The vaccine can only be found in the blood and antibodies of a survivor, a man immune to the virus. They look for him and transport him from New York to California, where the only laboratory where they can process his blood is located. While all this happens, the survivors, the protagonist of the series, go through different difficulties that endanger the mission.

4. Zombie!

This spectacular story is ideal if you are looking for the best zombie series while still having fun and entertaining you or neglecting the action. You can enjoy a touch of humor and terror, following Olivia Moore (Liv), the protagonist of the story. A medical student who, when contaminated, ends up being the living dead.

This situation is not easy for her, as she must try to look like a normal person. The young woman gets a job in a forensic department of the police. In this place, she has access to the brains of deceased people, murder cases pending investigation.

In the middle of his life as a zombie, he discovers that, by devouring the brain of a victim, he acquires the memories of the person. This spectacular advantage helps to investigate the murders in an easier way.

5. Ash vs Evil Dead

It is an incredible series of zombies with humor and sarcasm, which will make you spend moments of fun. It started with a movie script, but it had a major twist and ended up as a three-season series. You can’t stop watching it. It will transport you to a setting that you probably won’t find anywhere else. Also, his characters fit perfectly into the story.

It was carried out by Ash Williams, who becomes a hunter of demons, and fights with a plague of zombies that wants to destroy the population. Together with his famous chainsaw, he seeks to save humanity in any way, going through numerous journeys.

6. Kingdom

Perhaps you have heard of this South Korean zombie series. Although it is not the most popular zombie series, it is worth sitting down to enjoy it. It is set in the time of the Joseon dynasty, so the crown prince to the throne is the protagonist of the story.

This character faces a difficult and dangerous situation when investigating a strange plague that attacks the country. Everything ends up becoming a zombie epidemic, which represents a great danger for everyone and the heir is the only one who can end it.

7. Black Summer

To end this list of the best zombie series, we have the prequel to Z-Nation, Black Summer. A zombie apocalypse that has managed to become a great success. It tells the story of a group of people who take a trip just a few weeks after the zombie apocalypse has broken out in the area. Along the way, they face different groups of this undead who want to end everything.

The group of people is led by Rose, a mother who has been separated from her daughter and who tries in every possible way to find her. Learn more about this incredible story for yourself. You cannot miss it.

Tell us in the comments if you would like to see more best zombie web series.

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