haircuts to make your face look thinner

Haircuts to make your face look thinner

If you have a rounded face and no longer know what to do to look thinner and thinner, we give you some ideas to wear a new look that flatters you. With a good haircut, you will refine the face and make it look more symmetrical concerning the rest of the body. Learn the haircuts to make your face look thinner that will favor you the most and avoid looking like you have a few extra kilos due to having an inappropriate hairstyle. Take note!

Haircuts to make your face look thinner

haircuts to make your face look thinner

Cut your bangs to the side. For rounded faces, not all the fringes go well, especially the straight ones, but if you do not want to radically cut your hair, we advise you to let a fringe fall to the side or both sides of the face. In this way, you will expose a large part of your forehead and stylize your face.

To give a new look to your hair and refine your face with long hair, go for the paraded, scaled or layered cuts. Of course, if you don’t want to achieve the opposite effect, you should start the first layer from the cheekbone down. If you do it from higher, you will make your hair have more volume at the top, which will round your face even more.

A scaled cut will be great for you if you have straight hair, as it will refine your face and stylize your entire figure. Of course, make sure that the cut is from the shoulder or lower because being smooth will refine your face.

Height is also at odds with physiognomy, so if you are short and have a rounded face, we recommend you go for a medium length of hair since if you have very long hair, it will enhance your round face more, as it will make you smaller. On the other hand, long hair will harmonize and style your plump face if you are taller.

Remember, those very short hairs make your face look round even more. If you plan to cut it anyway, avoid making it too bulky. Smooth your hair and give it soft and subtle waves at the ends. With this trick, you will be able to look thinner.

On the other hand, if you already have short hair, choose to give it highlights or highlights. With this light, you can soften the cheeks. Remember that the darker your hair, the more it will strengthen and mark your facial features. Take this into account if you have a round face.

In terms of hairstyles, go for the volume on top. Toupees, for example, will lengthen the face. The tails or bows will also achieve the effect of stylizing the face. On the other hand, if you have a round face, go for soft waves or straight ends. This will flatter your face.

Finally, we advise you to avoid giving importance and paying close attention to the chin and cheeks, as these are the parts of the face that most enhance the overweight or roundness of the face. Therefore, you should bet on layers and smooth lines on the shoulders that help lengthen the face.

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