How to shave your neckline

Those used to shaving every morning know it: the neck is undoubtedly the most challenging part of achieving a perfect shave. A difference of the face, where the forms are more linear, the neck has many irregularities that make it difficult to break the razor, causing minor cuts, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs. Getting smooth and well-shaved skin even in this area is not an impossible task. However, follow a few more small tricks. So let’s see how to shave your neckline.


How to shave your neckline?

How to shave your neckline

You will need:

  • Clean cloth to be moistened with warm water
  • Pre-shave products
  • A razor with adjustable blades
  • A mirror
  • Neutral soap
  • Aftershave

Prepare the skin

The first step to shaving well even under the neck is to better prepare the skin for the razor’s passage. Many men skip this step entirely, possibly due to lack of time, but the procedure should not be neglected. First of all, wash the skin thoroughly, including that of the neck, using a mild soap, which is not too aggressive, to eliminate all impurities (the leading cause of ingrown hairs). Barbers usually place a damp and warm cloth on the face and neck to make the skin softer. You can also do this at home quickly. Just wet a clean cloth with hot water and keep it in place for a few minutes. Finally, apply a specific pre-shave product. There are various types, in cream, gel, or oily.

Follow the direction of hair growth

In order to shave in the best way even under the neck, it is necessary to know perfectly the sense of hair growth. As many may already know, the secret of a perfect shave is in fact to follow the direction of growth. The problem is that, unlike the face where the beard almost always grows in one direction, the hair on the neck is arranged in a much more irregular way. Therefore, you will have to inspect every inch of your neck to understand which direction the regrowth is taking place to pass the razor in the right way. It takes patience, but after the first few times, you will know your neck’s areas by heart and it will take much less time. Be careful not to cut the hair on the neck too high or too low, as you would then have to wait about a month to fix it.

Choose the right razor

Which razor to use for shaving under the neck? The best tool to buy is undoubtedly a razor with adjustable blades to be able to make a deeper shave on the face and a more delicate one on the neck. The razor will need to be cleaned and disinfected to minimise the risk of inflammation. Rinse it well every two or three passes and, at the end of shaving, wash it thoroughly with hot water and disinfect it with alcohol. Always remember to dry it well before storing it to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. While shaving your neck, try to stretch the skin gently, lift your face upwards to “level” the irregularities as much as possible and hold the razor lightly, without pressing too much on the skin.

Choose the shape

There are two ways to shave and shape the beard on the neck, particularly below the ears: you can choose between a square and a round shape. The choice depends on the shape of your face. If you have a round face, styling a square beard is the best solution, while in the case of a square face, it is better to opt for a round line. So, once you have chosen the right shape, apply the shaving gel or foam and proceed to shave.

Neck shaving doesn’t end with the last razor stroke, but you have to take care of your skin afterwards. Then apply an aftershave product suitable for you to moisturise the skin and make it softer.

Always use a clean and disinfected razor.

Roman Cyrus
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