Can you save seeds for next year

Can you save seeds for next year?

The seeds have determined viability depending on the species in question. The germination capacity of the seeds will be affected over time. If we cannot sow them, it is important to conserve them properly to save them. Can you save seeds for next year? This is how we can save seeds at home so that they last longer for the next year.

When you decide to save the seeds of a plant to re-sow the following year, choose the healthiest plants, with the largest and tastiest fruits, or with the flowers of the most attractive colors to you, you will make your little natural selection. Wait until the seeds are fully mature. If they are still “green,” they are probably not viable.

Can you save seeds for next year?

Yes. Let’s see how to save seeds. The main thing is to keep them clean, with low humidity and in the dark. It is about preventing rotting or the spread of fungi.

Can you save seeds for next year

  1. Clean the seeds well if you have harvested them directly from the fruits and dry them in the shade for 3-4 days. You can sprinkle them with a fungicide preventively.
  2. Remove damaged or wrinkled seeds, more prone to diseases.
  3. Store the seeds in closed glass jars or paper envelopes, put a little cotton in the bottom of the jars and, if you have available, bags of silica gel that absorb excess moisture.
  4. Label the jar with the name of the species it contains to identify them, indicate the date of harvest and expiration date, and indicate their origin.
  5. If you have space in the fridge, better put the jars inside, in an area where there is no light or cutlery. If you don’t have space in the fridge, store them in a cool place in the house, also without light.
  6. A good option for storing seeds is the specific storage boxes for seeds like this box from Katai, where you can sort them alphabetically or by sowing dates, so when the time comes, you just have to go directly to the corresponding month and sow!

Before sowing the stored seeds, check the viability of the seeds by sowing them on kitchen paper. You may need to sow more than usual.

How long do vegetable seeds last?

Orientation table of the years of the viability of the plants in the garden. Time in which the seeds can remain dormant until they are sown.

Species Years of viability
Chard Seeds 4-5
Garlic Seeds 2
Artichoke Seeds 5
Celery seeds 5
Eggplant Seeds 5
Broccoli Seeds 4
Zucchini seeds 3
Pumpkin seeds 5
Onion seeds 1-2
Cabbage seeds 4
Endive Seeds 5
Asparagus seeds 4
Spinach Seeds 4
Pea seeds 3
Broad bean seeds 4
Bean seeds 3
Lettuce seeds 3-5
Corn Seeds 2-4
Melon Seeds 5
Turnip Seeds 4
Bell Pepper Seeds 3-4
Cucumber Seeds 5
Radish seeds 4
Beet Seeds 4
Watermelon seeds 5
Tomato seeds 3-5
Carrot Seeds 3

Species that cannot be conserved for a long time

Some species do not absorb water once they have dried and therefore will not germinate. They are recalcitrant seeds. In these cases, they must be stored in plastic bags with coconut fiber, vermiculite or sand, a little damp. Some will keep for a few weeks, others for a few months, so it is not advisable to wait for sowing.

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