February Jobs to Get your Garden Looking Great After Winter

As we wave goodbye to January, we can congratulate ourselves on getting through the ‘worst’ month of the year and start looking forward to new things to come and what we can enjoy in the coming year. This is traditionally a time of sowing seeds – nature is starting to do this too, and you now start to see the first green shoots of the year coming up to signal the end of winter.

This means that we can turn our attention to the garden and start preparing for the new blooms and those long summer days and nights that we can enjoy in the garden. So, this is a time to put some work in to get it looking its best…

Make Repairs – The winter weather can really cause problems in the garden, so the first thing to do is to check if any damage has been done, and then get out there and fix it. Places to check in particular are guttering, as well as structures in the garden such as shed roofs and greenhouses. It is also worth checking pots and garden ornaments for signs of damage and replacing or repairing these if necessary.

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Get your Plants Ready – Of course the plants in our garden are what make it our own special and beautiful place in the spring and summer. Check all of your existing plants for health – for example you might need to order treatments like this black spot on roses remedy from https://greenacresdirect.co.uk/rose-care/sulphur-rose-black-spot-on-roses-remedy.html

You can also at this time start sowing seeds in your greenhouse and indoors. This will help them to get a good start and wait until the worst of the cold weather is over before you can plant them out in the garden.

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Tidy Up – There are probably a few things that you can tidy and organise now after a long winter. The garden shed if you have one is a good place to start. You might want to make sure that all of the things that you need are in good working order, and do some maintenance on garden tools that may need it, such as repairs to lawnmower or sharpening. As well as this, you can also spend some time sorting and tidying the greenhouse, cleaning out pots and doing sweeping and raking of fallen leaves if you have debris in your garden that is left over from wintery winds.

Put up Some Nest Boxes – As spring is on the way, the garden birds will be looking for some places to build their nests! It is now a great time to put up some nest boxes in your garden to provide them with safe spaces to build nests in the next month or two. Make sure that they are not accessible to cats or foxes!

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