Quick Restaurant Cleaning tips

Quick Restaurant Cleaning & Hygiene Tips During Pandemic

During this pandemic situation keeping the restaurant clean is one of the essential parts of the hospitality industry.  This is something that every customer will expect when they visit any restaurant.  Many people believe that coronavirus can be easily transmitted through food which is why the food industry has been hit severely during the lockdown period.

Even after the gradual unlocking of the nation, this industry is finding it very hard to regain its position. People have started returning to their normal lifestyle with extra hygienic habits. Thus I will discuss how to keep the restaurant hygienic and clean so that the customers can again enjoy the experience of a dine out.

Extra Alertness with Food Handling

In terms of restaurant hygienic care, how food is treated and cooked has always been a primary concern.

Cross-contamination of various foodstuffs, surfaces, and equipment can allow pathogenic bacteria to spread quickly between food items. But this can surely be prevented by undertaking the right measurements in time.

The restaurant members must be well versed with the hygienic methods of food handling. They should use a separate chopping board and knives to make different dishes, and every utensil should be thoroughly disinfected with an alcohol-based dishwasher. Storing food should be done very carefully as it can become a host for multiple other pathogens to grow.

Optimized Storage Facilities

The re-evaluation of your food storage facilities is another critical factor for maximizing food safety in your business. However, this inactivity during the lockdown period might cause technological problems, just like anything not used for a while. So it is safer for you to spend time checking and doing some service work before re-opening your restaurant.

It will ensure that the refrigerators and chillers operate properly to hold food at the correct temperatures. Remember to check your storage space and cleanliness as well. Upgrade your shelf units to provide options for adding antibacterial material and removable shelves that can quickly be disinfected after a single-use.

These are the only things that you need to improve as the customers are likely to be on high alert in the field of hygiene. It will be better that you buy less raw material so that you don’t have to store too much of the leftover food for the next days.

Be Mindful about Gloves

Gloves should be made compulsory in every restaurant as it helps in reducing too much contact with the food item. The use of disposable gloves is the best decision that any restaurant owner can take. The staff members should dispose of their gloves every hour so that hygiene is maintained.

Use Sanitizer before Handling Food

This is a key point that every restaurant business owner should tell his staff. Using a proper sanitizer with more than 60 percent of alcohol content is required to keep the hands free of any germs.

Sanitizers should be present at every table and even at the counter so that the customers can enjoy the meal without worrying about the deadly virus. You can contact the wholesale janitorial suppliers to order bulk hand sanitizers as this item is scarce in the market.

General Hygiene of the Place

Slowly, when we move further into a world after coronavirus, everybody will be much more hygienically aware than ever. For eatery owners, this will make general hygiene processes much more significant across the board. Of course, all places, both backdoor and the front of the restaurant, should be completely cleaned regularly.

Kitchen areas should usually be cleaned after service to comply with food safety and health requirements. However, extra caution should be applied to ensure that all the parts of the kitchen are nice and clean. Make the workers understand the significance of cleaning the countertops and machines regularly with an antibacterial cleaner.

Disinfecting tables and chairs after each sitting should be done without fail. However, make sure that towels and dishcloths used are frequently disinfected or washed at extreme temperatures so that they are less likely to cause any contamination.

Personal Hygiene is Equally Important

From chefs to restaurant staff, you have to emphasize the value of personal hygiene and maintenance, which goes beyond the daily washing of the hands. The business owners must ensure that everybody wears clean clothes and boots, as germs and bacteria will remain viable in textiles.

It is also likely that you would like to think about providing the workers with suitable personal protection kits, like gloves and masks, and installing antibacterial hand sanitizing pumps for staff and employees to improve hygiene in your premises efficiently. Make sure that the sanitizer has more than 60 percent alcohol content to kill all the germs.

Use Disposable Plates and Glass

This is the most important guideline the business owners must follow to ensure that the restaurant is maintaining proper hygiene standards. The use of the ceramic plates should be discontinued until everything rolls back to the old times. Disposable plates and glasses make sure that no customers use the same plate again.

It is usually found that plates are not cleaned properly and are served to a new customer. Such unhygienic practices can be avoided by the “use and throw” crockery items.

There is no question that at some stage, normal life will return, but after this global pandemic situation, hygiene is likely to be of significant importance in the restaurant industry. However, you can enhance hygiene standards by taking the steps listed above inside your restaurant, and protect the customers and employees in these unusual times. I hope that these measures will ensure the customers’ safety and make your business regain its old position in the market.

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