Rocking Chairs of the Modern Era

Rocking chairs have long been associated with the elderly. Images of a sweet grandmother rocking backwards and forwards while knitting are often evoked. However, modern designers have reinvented rocking chairs to bring them into the modern age of interior design. While the rocking chair of nursing homes and elderly porches will always hold a special place for us, we have no reason to stop enjoying rocking in more modern fashion.

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For Two

Have you ever wished that there was a rocking chair big enough to fit two people? You’ll love the Gillespie rocking chairs. Its stunning design is not it’s only selling point. The chair comes in two sizes. One of them is big enough for two people to rock!

The Rocking Knit

Have you ever wished that you could combine the convenience of a rocking chair and traditional knitting without any hassle? This chair brings rocking and knitting together on a new level. The chair knits a hat as you rock it. This is a truly unique idea. This is a quirky chair created by two students under the title ‘low-tech factories’. When you need a Knitting Kit, consider

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What is a rocking chair with no legs? How is that possible? The Fedro outdoor chair is unusual but it manages to rock its user by using their balance and movements with their arms or legs. Seat shape is similar to that of a chair lounge to increase comfort.

Cala Rocking Chair

This chair was inspired by suspended bridges. The frame is made up of a series of stainless steel rods that can be adjusted to give the maximum comfort for the user. The chair has a sculptural aesthetic with an industrial edge.

Eames Rocking Chair

Some designs are so beautiful that they never go out of style. This category includes chairs designed by Ray & Charles Eames. The Rocking Armchair with rod base, designed by Ray and Charles Eames, is a classic chair that has molded plastic on wooden runners.


The lounge chair designed by Ray and Charles Eames inspired this chair. Alegre Design Studio created a chair that is elegant and simple. The chair’s soft rocking motion, specially designed shell and seat make it a perfect nursery chair.


Kids love rocking chairs too. These chairs are fun for kids, but their seats can be too large. The AMM was designed to address this issue. It features a lightweight, small structure, with a wooden frame, and a seat made of strips of organic felt.

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