Consider A Ductless AC

Should You Consider A Ductless AC When Remodeling Your Home?

If you live in a hot climate, having a functioning air conditioner or HVAC system is an absolute no-brainer. If you’re a fan of sleeping through the night during the summer months or being able to go three minutes without breaking a sweat, you need to make sure your HVAC Baltimore system is up to par. However, air conditioners can be bulky, as well as hard and expensive to install. So what about ductless AC systems? If you’ve thought about going ductless, you’ve probably considered that it’s way easier to install something that doesn’t require a lot of mess and ductwork. It can be especially helpful when you’re dealing with an older home and you just want to get your AC rolling quickly. But apart from being super convenient, ductless AC systems can also be extremely beneficial to your health and your wallet. If you’re considering going ductless, here are just a few benefits you can look forward to.

You’ll Save MoneyConsider A Ductless AC

It might seem like getting a traditional A/C system is the more cost-effective option, especially if you’re remodeling your home and don’t want to worry about a separate heating option. However, because newer ductless machines are hyper energy efficient, they can cool your home, and more rooms in your home, for less overall. While the common cost of an A/C can range anywhere from $250 to $1,000, they still can’t efficiently cool more than a single room or area at a time. A ductless system, however, can easily cool different “zones” of the house, lowering energy bills by quite a lot. The cost of a ductless air conditioning system and a heat pump for the winter should run around $4,000 on average. That’s not bad if you’re already doing construction on your home and want to benefit from those built-in monthly savings.

Your Air Will Be Cleaner

With a traditional A/C, you spend a lot of time cleaning the air filter to make sure everything’s working smoothly and that you’re not constantly breathing in dust. With ducts in general, however, there are even more concerns. Duct systems are usually quite old and full of dust and gunk, even if you do your best to clean them. If you’re renovating your house or making some additions, you’re probably not going to risk ripping out your ductwork to replace it with a new system. Using a ductless A/C, however, gives you clean air that doesn’t have to travel through tons of dirty, dusty ducts and pipes. There can be a lot of unseen growth, such as mold and mildew, in ducts that no one even knows about until the air quality has become too poor to deal with. Using a system that’s self-reliant means that when the time comes to clean the filter, you’re just cleaning that filter and not dealing with any other secret gunk and dust that’s hiding in your pipes and walls.

Your System Will Be More Energy EfficientConsider A Ductless AC

With a ductless system, you only use the energy you need. While other A/C units tend to take a while to cool the home, ductless systems don’t have to travel through pipes and ducts to give you a stream of cool air. Almost 20% of A/C air leaks through holes or gaps while traveling through ducts to get to you. That means that not only is your air quality less fresh, but there’s also less actual air coming through. Rather than dealing with a source that takes a while to actually infiltrate your home, use a ductless system to get an instant, fresh blast of air that takes a much shorter time to cool your space down. This also means that you can turn off your machine more quickly rather than waiting a half-hour for your space to become sufficiently chilly. A ductless A/C almost works like a space heater but for cooling. The results are instant, and you don’t have to keep it running all the time to feel the benefits.

You’ll Have an Easier Time Installing It During Construction

Installing ducts in your home is a huge effort. Not only that, but ducts simply aren’t the most efficient way to deliver heating and cooling to your home. Having a ductless A/C, on the other hand, makes it easy to cool your home, especially if you’re doing renovations. All you have to do is mount it and plug it in. You don’t need to pay a crazy installation fee, and you don’t need to mess with ducts and piping.

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