Why do buildings have windows?

Have you ever wondered why humans build structures with windows? They are, after all, essentially holes in the building that can mean weakness, draughts and a lack of security, surely? Would we be better off without windows? It would certainly save us money on things like blinds and curtains! There must be some benefits to having windows or we wouldn’t bother with them at all. Here are some important things that windows provide:


One of the main benefits of having windows is that we can be provided with the daylight we need to carry out tasks, whether that is at home, work or school. Without windows, we would have to rely solely on artificial lighting, which obviously wasn’t an option before electricity. If you’ve ever been inside a windowless room, you’ll appreciate how gloomy it can be and how much lighting is required to make the room usable. In the past, windows would have been essential for light until darkness fell and candles would need to be lit.

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Huge structures like cathedrals and churches had to rely on windows to illuminate the vast interior. They also provided an opportunity to inspire awe and wonder with extensive coloured stained glass and depictions of biblical stories.


Humans need oxygen and good ventilation is essential for a healthy existence. The other purpose of windows is to provide an opportunity to allow fresh air inside. Without this, structures would soon get very stuffy with low oxygen levels and this would not be beneficial to health. Ventilation is important for many reasons, including preventing the spread of airborne illness and bacteria.


Humans are highly visual creatures and without windows, homes would feel claustrophobic and boring with nothing to look at but four walls. A view offers inspiration, awareness of our surroundings and encourages the ability to imagine. Imagine the great artists of the past being unable to sit and stare at a stunning view from a window. Would the famous literary works of the past have been written if the writer hadn’t been inspired by something they witnessed watching life go by outside? Is it time to upgrade the windows in your home? For details on Cheltenham Double Glazing, go to a site like www.firmfix.co.uk/

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By allowing the rays of the sun to enter through panes of glass, we can warm the interiors of our buildings without relying on heating systems. Picture a windowless cellar and how cold and dank they tend to be. This is because they never see the light of day. The sun doesn’t just provide us with light to see but also warmth, which is also essential to human health and well-being.

Many of us don’t spend much time thinking about why we have windows, they have always just been a part of our experience of living in buildings. However, windows are an essential part of, not just architectural aesthetics but, a healthy existence.

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