Why Oak Is So Great For Flooring?

Have you ever wondered why oak is so popular for use as flooring? There are many reasons why oak hardwood flooring is so great and a variety of types of oak wood are available. There are many different types of oak wood to choose from such as white oak, black oak and red oak. You want to take the time to decide which of these best suits your own personal style because each one has its own unique beauty and colour. For help from Timber Merchants Southampton, visit a site like Timbco

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If you are looking for a budget-friendly choice then you should go with white oak hardwood floors. White oak has a very light, beautiful colour that can be incorporated into any space in your home. The grain of the wood is very even, creating a very beautiful look. While white oak hardwood is a budget choice you still have plenty of choices.

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Once you start choosing the oak hardwood flooring that will best suit your space, you are going to find out just how stunning this wood can be. Red oak wood is known for having a very intense colour because of the darker colour stain that is added. All types of oak are also very popular because they have a soft, beautiful grain that will match up well with many of the other colours that are available.


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