The best homemade gifts for newborns

When it comes to buying a gift for a newborn, it can be tricky to know what to get and if they already have something similar. However, there are plenty of creative ideas that you can hand make yourself that will be sure to surprise expecting or new parents.

Even if you are not naturally creative, adding a thoughtful touch to a gift can look really effective. For example, you could buy a collage or memory book and add photos of the parents and family. This is the perfect keepsake gift for the baby when they grow up. Decorate the pages with stamps, pictures, and colours, leaving some pages for them to fill in the future.

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Handmade gifts do not need to be expensive to make, and upcycling is a great way to keep under a budget. An easy idea is making a baby quilt using old t-shirts and materials. If you have old unused clothes, you can cut them up into squares and sew them together. Or why not visit a charity shop for supplies?

Alternatively, you could make an upcycled baby bib. If you are able to print off an outline stencil, all you would need to do is cut two sides and sew them together. You could incorporate different patterns, add a fleece lining, or maybe even make a set.

If you find that sewing isn’t your thing, then here is a simple idea. Gather some classic children’s books from a charity shop or print photos online and make it into a collage. A lovely gift is something that the parents can put up in their child’s bedroom, and so a collage works well. Put it in a frame and it’s a thoughtful and practical gift.

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It may be that you are feeling less confident about designing a project yourself. Not to worry, because there are online stores that provide you with step-by-step kits that make effective projects easy. For example a  Knitting Kit from where you can buy a kit that will give you a guide to making gorgeous gifts for newborns such as headbands, blankets or stuffed toys.

Another useful idea is making bunting out of old or cheap fabric. You don’t necessarily have to even sew it together and give it a rustic look instead. And so, with all these ideas, you can show your love and time spent on a gift without breaking the bank!

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