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What to Wear on the New Year’s Eve for Good Luck

The New Year is just around the corner, and this holiday has always represented a cornerstone of time in all nations and civilizations, no matter when it was celebrated. So, over time, a lot of superstitions and folk beliefs were created, especially when it came to things that were believed to bring good luck for the upcoming year. Regardless if you believe in these traditions or not, you can’t deny that we could all use a little luck from time to time, which is why we’ve created a list of some things that you can wear on New Year’s Eve to have a prosperous and fortunate year.


Wearing red is seen as a symbol of good luck in many cultures all over the world, particularly in China, Korea, Vietnam, and India. This color is associated with good luck, happiness, positive energy, and is usually worn during celebratory events such as festivals and weddings. Not only that, but red is also believed to ward off evil spirits and act as a protective force against all the bad things that could happen to you. So, this New Year’s Eve, try wearing a red knit sweater, dress, or even a red string bracelet to attract fortune all year round. Additionally, according to the Chinese calendar, next year is the Year of the Dragon, so wearing something red will be especially suitable when celebrating its arrival.

Good Luck Symbols

People have believed in good luck symbols since the dawn of time, and while some have been forgotten, others are still used to these days, especially in fashion. The Celtic shamrock is one of the best known charms that is thought to bring prosperity to whomever is wearing it. Today, it is a popular design for Celtic-inspired clothing such as silk scarves, knit hats, and of course jewelry, so it can be easily worn both on a festive event such as New Year’s Eve and on any other regular day. Check out Gaelsong to find our Celtic apparel that features good luck symbols that you can add to your wardrobe for any occasion. For an extra dose of prosperity, we suggest getting something in the color green, since this hue was also considered to be a fortunate one by the Celts.


Contrary to the old beliefs that we’ve discussed above, wearing sparkles on New Year’s Eve is not an idea that is associated with a certain civilization. In fact, this superstition is a much more recent one, although it was definitely created based on certain ancient superstitions. Sparkles represent the light and shine, which according to some cultures are symbols of hope, positivity, and even the divine. So, wearing sparkles during your New Year celebration can bring you optimism and confidence in the upcoming months. Luckily, sparkles have always been a popular choice when it comes to festive clothing and almost any store has a holiday collection featuring sparkling dresses, shirts, and suits, so you can easily find the right garment for yourself anywhere.

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