Why Twiggy loves knitting

Superstar and icon Twiggy has discovered an unexpected haven – the gentle art of knitting. That might sound unlikely when you think of Twiggy and all she’s done in life (can you imagine her sitting and knitting?), but it actually makes a lot of sense. This timeless craft is very special to her and has become more than a pastime. So, let’s find out more.

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It calms her

Life can be hectic, and everyone has, or should have, their own way of calming down. For Twiggy, that’s knitting. Using knitting kits allows her to be present, creating a calm mental space amidst the chaos. In addition, the repetitive nature of each stitch provides a soothing rhythm that helps to ground her and make her happy.

She can be creative

Knitting, for Twiggy, is not just a craft. It’s about being creative, which, as an artist, is important to her. From choosing the perfect wool to experimenting with intricate stitch patterns, each project becomes a chance for self-expression. Creativity is in Twiggy’s nature, so it’s great to have a hobby that allows it to shine.

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It’s a nostalgic hobby

Beyond the stitches and patterns, knitting is a thread that binds Twiggy to her past. She’s reminded of her mother who passed on this cherished tradition. Having a link to the past through knitting kits like this is lovely, and another way to find happiness in life. Memories can do so much, and if knitting brings them up, that’s great.

Twiggy’s love for knitting isn’t unique, as many other people love it for exactly the same reasons as she does. Maybe Twiggy can be the inspiration you need to get started on this fantastic new hobby or to pick up the knitting needles again after a while away from them.

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