5 reasons Why More Women are Riding Motorcycles

For decades motorcycle riding has been considered as a ‘male-dominated’ space where factors like riding fears, cultural norms, etc. have always kept women from trying and enjoying the two-wheelers. But the era of this type of mindset is no more.

Long gone are the days where females only sat on the behind seat when men rode their bikes. Now the times and mindsets of younger generations have changed and with the women empowerment campaigns and awareness, there is hardly any area where females are not working or involved side by side of men.

The same is when it comes to riding bikes. The mere thought of motorcycling being just for men is all sexiest, offensive, and gender discriminatory. There are immense physical and mental health benefits of riding a motorcycle. And males are not the only ones who can enjoy these benefits. Female riders all over the globe are adopting this mode of transportation and are enjoying it too.

Studies have found that twice as many ladies are becoming bikers as compared to the past few decades. Every day the number of feminine riders is increasing and there are many reasons why this is happening. Are you a female and thinking of riding or owning a motorcycle? Here are the top 5 reasons why females love to ride bikes.


1- A unique sense of freedom

Every biker falls in love and becomes a two-wheeler addict because of the feelings of abundance and wholesomeness riding on a motorbike through open road provides. Similar is the case with ladies. They also enjoy the sense of freedom when they embark on various adventurous journeys on their two-wheelers.

2- Changing norms

The cultural and social norms that illustrate the image of females to travel on the backside of a motorbike has been shifted by the progressive nature and efforts of women everywhere. The thought of something that a lady cannot do is not appreciated in today’s society. In every aspect of our societies and economies, females play a crucial role in development and progression. And to further eliminate stereotypes and old social norms females all over the globe now are enjoying riding on their bikes.

3- Inspired by the aesthetics

The times of gender inequality and gender-based bais are over. In today’s world, this reality is accepted by everyone including the business world. Companies and businesses globally are developing protective gear items and traveling outfits specially designed for feminine body types to encourage them to ride.

Not only women love to ride but they also love the idea of looking stylish and sassy when they travel. If you are a female rider and love to go on adventurous trips it is important that you have proper outfit items in your wardrobe.

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4- To subdue fears

Motorcycling is a bit dangerous as compared to driving a car. As cars have safety features like airbags and seat-belts while motorbikes have none. Most females feel hesitant in commuting on motorbikes.

To conquer these fears and test and surpass their own personal limitations while displaying the courage to inspire others an increasing amount of females are becoming bikers. Becoming a biker also helps females to feel a sense of great personal accomplishment.

5- To feel connected

Women on wheels is more than just a trend or a passing fad. Rather it is a shift in cultural norms and a progressive step towards gender equality. Due to which women powered biker communities and female riders associations are emerging rapidly.

This sense of biking sisterhood provides a unique feeling of community and social acceptance that empowers and motivates ladies everywhere. Every year many biking festivals are also held to specifically celebrate and honor female bikers.

Motorcycling is very healthy and is very fun and entertaining. Males who own a bike should also encourage their feminine friends and family members to try and experience the joy of riding a motorbike. It will help in diversification and removing gender bias.

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