An introduction to event marketing

Marketing, advertising or promoting an event successfully, is key to its success and to do this effectively, requires a strategy.

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Being organised, working to a schedule and being able to delegate are all necessary skills required to manage the marketing of an event and this is where anyone working in this industry should start.

Who are you selling to?

Firstly, make sure you know your audience. Are you trying to market your event directly to the consumer, or to businesses? Although you may use the same strategies, i.e. social media and other techniques, the language you use will depend on who you are marketing to.


Always prepare a timetable before launching a marketing campaign. Break it down into four sections including what is required pre-event launch, the event launch, what needs to be done throughout the campaign and what needs to be done in the final run up to the event.


Consider initiatives such as early bird ticket price offers, group booking discounts, loyalty schemes, etc. This will get reservations to come in early and start to create a buzz around your event.

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Always consider working for other non-competitive businesses. This can double the awareness of the event, save costs and give your brand kudos.

Mission statement

Always know why you are putting on the event, what you hope to achieve and have a mission statement that everyone on the team knows and understands. Businesses looking for event management companies Dublin, for example, can get advice and guidance from a range of event management companies Dublin wide.

Social media

Make sure you engage people with social media early and be creative to encourage sharing and engagement.


Always make sure you have a contingency plan. Depending on the type of event, you may be affected by the weather, or travel problems. Many sporting events are having to postpone and reschedule due to the Corona virus outbreak.

Mailing lists

Both before the event and during the event, build up a database of customers and stay in touch with them regularly, reminding them about the event, informing them of what to expect and keeping them interested.

Press release

Prepare a press release to go out a few days before the event and issue it to relevant publications that target your key audience in a last push for ticket sales.

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