Buy a Park Home for these Six Great Reasons

For many of us, the idea of a bolt-hole or a holiday home is something that we do only dream of. For others, the dream is becoming the reality of a home, caravan or park home as more of us look to buy a second home in the UK. Mention a ‘static caravan’ or ‘park home’ and people have a clearer idea.

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Today, park home marketing companies are targeting families, couples and even individuals. What unites them is the offer of a community.

Regulations mean that in many cases people can live in park homes almost year-round, and they can be a very cost-effective way of downsizing.

1. Affordability

They’re cheap. They’re modern, maintenance costs are low and you get contemporary styling straight away. Choose a location with a park home that people just couldn’t afford with a regular ‘bricks and mortar’ building.

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2. Low Maintenance

Choosing more modern options leaves you with a contemporary finish and usually a cost-effective way of staying right in the middle of the action.

3. Quality of Life

We’re all looking for it. A park home not only offers a chance to get away from reality, but often they’re set in the more beautiful landscapes with a genuine community spirit – you’re all in it together!

4. Security

Increasingly, park homes are being put up as part of gated communities, which means customers can adopt a ‘lock up and leave’ approach safe in the knowledge that their property will have a watchful eye over it when the owners are not around.

5. Energy-Efficiency

Low bills and maintenance are a result of clever design and construction. For more information about buying park homes Gloucestershire, see the details on the government site.

6. Space

You’ll be amazed at how much space there is inside but also the communal space, and often there’s a parking space so close to beaches that other accommodation just can’t offer.


The other great thing it forces you to do is to clear up all the rubbish, clutter and bits you no longer need.  A company like Carmarthen skip hire sourced from sites including will provide you with a way to dispose of the rubbbish.

These are just some of the amazing benefits that could be yours. Do some research to find out about the sort of home you might be interested in and the sort of resort you’d be interested in buying in.


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