Five Ways to Optimise Your Business Fleet

If you’re responsible for managing a fleet of corporate vehicles, there is a lot to keep track of. From the initial purchasing costs to ongoing maintenance, taxation, and fuelling, there is much to consider.

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You may also want to look at the advantages fleet vehicle tracking could offer your business so that you can get as much value as you can from your fleet. Here we look at how you can keep your business fleet optimised.

Choose Vehicles Wisely

Carefully consider what vehicles are needed. Do you need something to travel long motorway distances or something small to help them get around busy city streets?

Make sure you look closely at the true cost of owning that vehicle. This includes which road tax class it is in, fuel efficiency and other ongoing maintenance or service costs. Remember, depending on your requirements it could be more efficient to lease rather than purchase outright.

Keep Track

There are many advantages to investing in fleet vehicle tracking. It offers you a simple way to know exactly where and how your drivers are driving, as well as assisting them to plan their journeys. There are many different solutions for fleet vehicle tracking, and it may even help reduce your insurance costs, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

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Keep a Check on Drivers

How your drivers drive can play a major part in the management of your fleet costs, so encourage them to drive carefully. If they speed or drive erratically, then not only does this put lives in danger, but the additional fuel inefficiency and vehicle wear and tear will soon increase your costs. You’ll also face the risk of fines, damage resulting from crashes and insurance premium increases.

Stay on Top of Fuel Costs

As any driver knows, one of the biggest expenses of vehicle ownership is fuel. So when you’re in charge of an entire fleet, it’s essential to stay on top of costs. You can do this by making sure your drivers use the cheapest stations to re-fuel or by investing in fuel cards. Of course, considering electric vehicles is another option.

Change Behaviours

Rewarding drivers who drive sensibly and efficiently can help you minimise the costs associated with poor driving. Company competitions or reward schemes could all become fun ways to help you optimise your fleet.

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