Holiday Destinations that won’t Break The Bank

Holidays are great for getting away from everyday life, seeing new things, and experiencing different cultures, but sometimes our financial woes get in the way of holiday plans. If you are experiencing a shortage of funds, then maybe one of these cheaper holiday destinations could be the way forward. Here are the top holiday destinations that won’t break the bank.


Spain is a top cheap holiday destination for travellers and it has lots of gorgeous beaches to sunbathe at and clear oceans to swim in. If you’re interested in the party scene, then Ibiza or Malaga could be the way forward. Why not relax and take in the Spanish culture?

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Portugal boasts an array of amazing cities such as Lisbon and Madeira. There are lots of places to see in Portugal, as they have a wide range of historic buildings and landmarks, so rest assured that you will not be stuck for things to do. There are plenty of stunning beaches to relax on, so a peaceful holiday will be guaranteed. Why not visit the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian? one of Lisbon’s most popular museums. 


Turkey is certainly one of the most captivating locations in the world; the weather is hot, and the beaches are stunning – what’s not to like? Turkey is one of many amazing cheap holiday destinations, so you will definitely want to add this place to your travel list. Turkey is also home to gorgeous cities such as Istanbul, and Ankara, the capital of Turkey. You can even visit Turkeys most popular beach resort, Marmaris. If you fancy staying in a villa in Turkey, why not check out websites such as, a Kas Villas rental and letting company that provides stunning, and reasonably priced villas in Kas.


Cyprus is a country based in the Eastern Mediterranean; during April time and onwards the temperature there can reach up to 21 – 23°C, so this would make the perfect holiday destination if you want to visit somewhere hot. There are many gorgeous beaches in Cyprus such as; Coral Bay, Nissi Beach, and Konnos Bay – so why not relax and sunbathe at your nearest beach? You will not want to miss out on an historic site called ‘Tombs of The Kings’; a royal burial ground from 4th century BC.

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Bali is an island in Indonesia that is home to many stunning beach sites, coral reefs, and mountainous areas. Bali is one of the top cheap holiday destinations in the world; it is full of friendly locals, and amazing places to see that won’t leave you short on funds. If you are a keen fan of yoga, there are even many yoga and meditation retreats to go to in Bali. They also have an array of amazing tourist landmarks and attractions such as the ‘Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary’, and ‘The Uluwatu Temple’.

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